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Pieces with Attunements for the Collective Consciousness

we (1).jpg



We are the completion of all Sacred Union... we are passion.. we are love... we are God and Goddess expressing. We are no longer separate. Knowing one another intimately, spiritually, physically, emotionally there is no separation. We breathe one another. We are one... as the ocean is created from innumerable droplets and yet the droplets cannot be separated from the sea. So can we not be separated one from the other. WE ARE ONE. 

crone+and+her+protector (1).jpg



I am Crone. The Wise Woman...Completed Goddess. I give the fullness of my light to all. Look closely. There behind the tree stands a man in the shadows. He is my beloved first knight clothed in monk's clothing. I am his queen. We do not speak though we are lovers linked forever through eternity.




As you look at us you will see together we form a completed chalice... a loving cup...filled with the Sacred Union of male and female. It is through this union the birthing occurs. As we fill one another we birth the Universe. We are a vessel through which the "All That Is" can bring form to energy. Through our Sacred Union. creation is possible.

astrid+and+orion (1).jpg



We are lovers of creation here to invoke that creative yet playful energy. Remember, in creating it is the coming together of opposite yet complementary energies. There is no heaviness in the creation process... it is about opening oneself to the passion that lies deep within... open and let it come forth. Come into your ChildHeart. Come and play in your Heart.

arianrhod (1).jpg



I am the womb of the Goddess. I am a vessel for universal creative energy. It is through this energy the stars are formed. I hold many dreams within my soul. As I open myself to the Divine, creation flows through my womb and constellations birth forth. You, too, are a star. You are inspired creation. Know this. Feel it within. You are a star... bright and shining. And as you live through your Soul's inspiration you are a guiding star for others.




In our coming together through loving embrace we invoke the energy to call a soul into being. We know the soul has always been, yet through our loving embrace, we have called this one into embodiment. This is the highest path to conception. Knowing that coming together through loving embrace is coming together with the Divine... We are a portal through which this Beloved Soul will enter into new form.

reflections (1).jpg



We are reflections of one another. We are love... we are joy. We are black. We are white. We are male. We are female. We are large. We are small. See with Spirit eyes. We are not in opposition. In our oneness we are ALL... we are INFINITE. We represent all things. In our coming together we bring global inspiration into form. We are pregnant with the new life that fills our womb.

luna+queen+of+the+night (1).jpg



I am Luna, Queen of the Night. I am cycles of life. My waxing and waning are reflected in the ebb and flow of the tides. In my darkness, I invite you to set your intentions, to create the manifestations your Soul desires... claim what is to be yours. Look within. You know what that is. In my fullness, I invite you to release all that has come to completion so you will be ready once again. It is as a cup fills and empties so more blessings may once again fill to its brim. Think of yourself as a cup... a sacred magical vessel. Filling and emptying in unified timing with my cycle. Remember. Life is a cycle. Re-awaken yourself. Return to Nature's timing. Come. Let Our Souls Dance Together!




I am he who holds the energy of Sun. I am called many names. I am here to represent the inner fire of each of you. Though most see me as masculine it is more about the essence I bring forth. I am here to call you to action. Bring your dreams and desires ~ which are your Soul's remembering ~ into manifestation. Surrender control... allow your Soul to be your lead for it knows who you are. Breathe now... here... in this moment. Breathe and surrender to the calling of your Soul.

spirit+of+the+moon (1).jpg



I am Moon Spirit. Here to remind you of the beauty of my cycle. I represent the holy trinity known through woman... Maiden... Mother... Crone. As known through Nature I am the journey of Birth... Death... ReBirth. Tune into my nature as you view my never-ending waxing and waning. I am the journey that each embodied soul makes. I am you. On your planet, you have in some cultures the understanding "From dust thou comes to dust thou returns". This is Earth-conscious understanding. In truth is it known, "From Soul, you come and to Soul you shall return". You are never-ending Soul, a spark from the Divine that is, was and ever shall be. 


Original Canvas - 600.00 plus s/h

Giclee Print - 150.00 plus s/h

Print 18 x 24 – 55.00 plus s/h

Print 8 x 10 w/Frame - 45.00 plus s/h

Print 8 x 10 Unframed – 22.00 plus s/h


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