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Beloved's Ceremonies

About Beloved's Ceremonies

Surrender As Beloved Guides You Into Your Cosmic Heart, The Seed of True Soul Love


In each Awakening Your Cosmic Heart and Angel Moon Ceremony experience, Beloved uses Divine Crystal Sound Frequencies flowing through her Vocal Harmonics, Language of Light, Transmissions from the Heart of the Divine Mother, Angelic Realm and Unseen Realms together with the Crystal Vibrations of her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Native Flute, sharing her teachings as she guides us into our Cosmic Hearts, the Seed of True Soul Love.

Through connection to her primary guide, Archangel Ariel, Beloved shares Angel Codes, Angel Mudra and Angel Mantra (Affirmation) to align your field with these powerful Cosmic Energies.

As we surrender to Beloved’s invitation to trust, we open and find our voice coming from that secret place in our own self, as we allow this Sacred Alchemy to occur in the sparkling jewel of our Cosmic Heart… Radiating the essence of our being, we become the true instruments of Peace, Joy, and Divine Love.

Beloved is honored to serve you in awakening YOUR Cosmic Heart and to serve as steward to these magnificent Living Crystal Bowl Beings who unlock and decode information and wisdom from the quantum field through the expression of Divine Crystal Sound allowing this wisdom and information to be received into the third dimension.

Beloved records with Tantric Moon and she is a member of Sound Healers Association. Please visit our Sounds of Awakening site for more information on these powerful GEMSTONE ALCHEMY CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS

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