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Just A Bit About Me

OMGoddess Darling Hearts,


My journey this lifetime has been absolutely delicious. I've been blessed beyond measure and my Joy and my Passion is Activating "Sleeping" Souls.


I love sharing what I've experienced... to partner with YOU... assisting YOU to live the most abundant life you can imagine! After all, Dear One, that's why you chose this life in your beautiful Earth Body... so you can experience all the things you can only experience when you are Spirit manifesting itself into Matter!


I've worn so many hats and been called by so many titles and names throughout my Earth Journey. Beloved  KateBeloved, Ad Sach Kaur...  a Visionary, Crystal Sound Weaver, Speaker for Unseen Realms, Intuitive Soul Artist, Spirit Dancer and The Angel Code Oracle... but truth be known... it's all the same.  And my passion is to serve you!

A Few Things I Do

Everything I offer you is partnered with my primary guide, Archangel Ariel, the Angel of Prosperity, Abundance, Nature, Intuition and a bit of Magic!. 


Coaching, Soul Codes, Angel Card Oracle & Tarot Readings, Ceremony,  Channeling, Light Language, Sound, Art, and our Books..


And all of our offerings are done with the purpose of helping you create a delicious life of abundance and prosperity by bringing you into alignment with YOUR Soul, YOUR Heart, the Angels, Benevolent Beings from other Realms and the Cosmic Energies through New and Full Moon and AstroNumerology.


Archangel Ariel brought me our latest teachings, Angel Codes, in the Summer of 2019. 

These Codes are a new high frequency numerology using a system of the Sacred 13 . We use the energetic signatures of 0 through 12. Each Angel Code is actually a gateway to another realm or dimension. With each Angel Code comes an Angel Message and an Angel Code Activation using Mantra and Mudra. 


Channeled Message from Archangel Ariel - July 26, 2019

Child, we are inviting you, through these Angel Code Teachings, to expand your understanding... to bring in the Cosmic Divine Oneness... to assist others in the unification of Spirit Into Matter.

Living as Soul Beings is the only way to PEACE... Living in the knowing that all ARE ONE is the only way to protect your planet. Earth is a planet of free will where Soul Beings come to experience life in physical form. To enjoy Paradise... clean... pure. To create relationships, families, communities, ideas, inventions, to enjoy great abundance, vibrant health, happiness, joy and wealth, all through the vibration of LOVE and the knowing that ALL ARE ONE.

Earth was a paradise... a planet of plenty. But some forgot... they put their way forward as the only way. Their God, their holy books, their skin color, their wants, their desires.

This is where your planet is now. In the hands of those who have forgotten.

It is time for remembering. It is time to return to the ancient spiritual understanding and to live only through the Infinite SoulHeart. LOVE...HONOUR...RESPECT...COMPASSION are actions of the SoulHeart.

Child, we want Humanity to awaken... It is beyond time to return to these understandings. No, Child, not just understanding but LIVING these truths. ALL ARE ONE...ALL ARE DIVINE.

2020 is a turning point. As it is said on your planet, "A watershed year." In these new ANGEL CODE ORACLE teachings, the year 2020 is the GATEWAY TO THE INFINITE HEART. It is time Child.

We Are Complete.

End Transmission

A Bit More

As a Sound Alchemist & Bowl Master, I host the AngelSong Divine Crystal Sound Temple and travel facilitating Awakening The Cosmic Heart Concerts, Meditations and Retreats featuring the powerful essence and sound technology of my Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Toning/Vocal Harmonics, Native Flute, and Xylophones.  Serving as an Angelic Messenger and Messenger for Unseen Realms, I'm honoured to give transmission from the Heart of The Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm as I facilitate all my Awakening The Cosmic Heart events!


Together with The Master Teachers of The Waters, unseen realms and Heume, we have co-created The Beloved Waters Project, a high-frequency vibrational sound for strengthening the planet's Sacred Water Grid. We are so blessed to have Emissaries of the Sacred Water Grid on four continents doing this work and each year we facilitate a World Water Blessing Ceremony on May 5 at noon across the planet!



For your personal journey, I offer Angel Messages and Readings through Art, Chakra Balancing, Energy Clearing, Angel Card and Tarot,  Soul Coaching and Soul Activations through Crystal Sound and Re-Connecting to Your Master Heart Blueprint.  Services

Books and Such

Book Image for Flodesk Newsletter.png

THE ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2021; A 12-MONTH ANGEL MOON MANIFESTING JOURNEY, JOURNAL & PLANNER is a very powerful tool to create your most abundant year!

Angel Codes, Angel Messages, Lunar Astrology, New & Full Moon Journaling and Ceremonies!


THE ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2020; A Month Angel Journey to Activate 

Your Infinite Heart is a very powerful tool to create your most abundant year!

Angel Codes, Angel Messages, Lunar Astrology, New & Full Moon Journaling and Ceremonies!

Alt-1_ Blue Cover100dpi.jpg

Working with Archangel Ariel, I have written three books. The third is
30 Days to Prosperity and Abundance; An Angelic Guide to Joyful Living. Number four is in my computer now! 

And here's our C D Wind On Water.  Just me and a fabulously creative musician, Arjuna Pa. This was such a fun project to do...  improv! Guitar, Alchemy Singing Bowls, Native Flute, Xylophone!  Have a listen


Teachers & Trainings

 As I said, along the way I have been so blessed and some of those blessings come in the form of training, teachers and certifications. Here are just a few you might be interested in.


  • Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Advanced Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

  • Sacred Contract Counselor certified by Caroline Myss.

  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer certified by Mike Dooley.

  • Private practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression (trained by Brian Weiss).

  • Hypnosis work Published in Encyclopedia of Complementary Health Practices

  • Kundalini Yogini/Instructor  

  • Healing Tao USA Primordial Qigong teacher.

  • Crystal Tones Endorsed Bowl Master 

  • Stewardess of AngelSong Sound Temple 

Some of my additional modalities you might find interesting

  • Healer of the 7th Ray

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Matrix Energetics

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