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Blessings My Darlings

We are so glad you're here.  We envision our time together as your Journey to Awakening! Yes, Love, it's time to awaken your Magnificent Divine Soul! Our FREE STUFF is a place for you to find fabulous tools and experiences to help you along that path!

These are our Love Offerings. Here you'll find freebies like our 


 When you join our FREE VIP LIST you'll receive our Angel Moon & Cosmic Energy Highlights, Tips and Happenings. Not only will you receive our weekly newsletter, you will also be the first one to be invited to our events, and receive special offers including VIP pricing! Be sure to join our FREE VIP LIST to see what new Love Offerings we have for you.

Of course, the moon is an important aspect of our Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting Teachings™. so look for our Moon Codes during the weeks of New and Full Moon!


Gemini Season Guided Journal


About your GEMINI SEASON GUIDED JOURNAL! Do you journal? In my 30-plus years of teaching/coaching, I have always taught journaling as a very powerful tool for manifesting the life of your dreams!

You can now receive a powerful new manifesting tool to help you align with the energies of the astrological season… my new

In my Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting 

gemini season guided journal optin.png

Teachings, you learn the importance of attuning to, aligning with, and integrating the energetic signatures of angel codes and cosmic energies so you can experience the alchemy of a delicious life manifested!  

Remember Love, you cannot manifest what is NOT in energetic alignment!


Today I am so excited! I invite you to go deeper into the cosmic energies of the season. I'm offering you a powerful new tool to help you attune to, align with and integrate the energetic signature of the season!

 Here is my Love Gift to you my GEMINI SEASON GUIDED JOURNAL

"Unlock Your Manifesting Potential with Our Powerful New Tool - Claim Your Free Gift Now!"

gemini season guided journal optin.png

Wondering How to Use Your Gemini Season Guided Journal?

Each of the 12 seasons of the zodiac brings its own unique flavor. You will see, as you move through your TAURUS SEASON GUIDED JOURNAL, you are invited to explore your magnificent self!

Dear Heart, how you choose to use your journal is totally up to you. Many of my students enjoy creating a special place where they will not be disturbed. Others light a candle and take a few deep breaths before beginning. Some enjoy journaling while sipping their morning coffee. Still others journall before getting out of bed in the morning.

Sweet One, this is entirely up to you. Remember there is no right and no wrong way to journal. This is your time and your GEMINI SEASON JOURNAL. I like to think of it as a gift you are giving to yourself!

Sending you much love and abundant angel moon alchemy manifesting blessings for a magical Taurus Season! Here Love... CATCH!

gemini season guided journal optin.png

And We Offer Coaching!

Are you ready to take the BIG step on your journey to awakening?  When you are ready to commit to creating the most gloriously deliciously abundant life you can imagine, we offer our Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting Coaching programs! 

We offer two areas of coaching

  • Moon Manifesting

  • Prosperity & Abnundance

Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting Coaching TM

Do you know the importance of the Moon Cycles when manifesting your fabulous life?

The Moon Phases let us know what area of our life to focus on, whether it is time to create or surrender and which angel is supporting us. ! give us our timing! New Moon and Full Moon are not separate events! They are points on an ever-repeating cycle of birth-surrender-rebirth!  I'd love to help you understand the way they work together as a cycle for MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS!

Our ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY MANIFESTING COACHING is based on our books The Angel Code Oracle 2021 and The Angel Code Oracle 2022.

NEW MOON MANIFESTING COACHING Together with my primary guide and teacher, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity and abundance, I offer coaching sessions to help you understand Angel Moon Manifesting and how to attune, align and integrate the energies of New Moon. 

In these NEW MOON sessions, I help you understand what part of your life is being activated and clarify where you are receiving support, how to plant your dream seed, set your goal and create your affirmation for this lunar cycle. 

Together with my primary guide and teacher, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity and abundance, I offer coaching sessions to help you understand Angel Moon Manifesting and how to attune, align and integrate with the energies of the Full Moon.


 In these Full Moon sessions, I help you understand what part of your life is being activated and clarify what to complete, surrender, release and let go during this powerful lunar cycle of completion, surrender, releasing and letting go!  

PRICE: Each New Moon and Full Moon session is priced individually at 

USD 85 


**SAVE $45 by booking your New Moon and Full Moon session in the same lunar cycle! We offer a package for only USD 125 / FIRST-TIME MOON PACKAGE USD 90

Prosperity & Abundance Coaching & Experiences

WIX ProseperityCoacingExperiences.png

Our prosperity and abundance coaching programs and experiences are based on our book 30 DAYS TO ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY; AN ANGELIC GUIDE TO JOYFUL LIVING


Based on our book 30 DAYS TO ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY; AN ANGELIC GUIDE TO JOYFUL LIVING this 6-week experience is our powerful program that is the basis for all of our additional coaching!  For more information about this program please JOIN OUR WAIT LIST!


This 3-month abundance and prosperity group experience is the continuing journey of creating your abundant and prosperous life.   Picking up where 30 Days to Prosperity and Abundance finished we will dive deeper into maintaining a relationship with the angels as you consciously create your abundant life! This experience is by invitation. 


Soul Portraits (Commission Work)

Imagine having a piece of art that has been personally created to capture the Essence of Your Soul...

Dear One, my Soul Portraits are energetic tools for you to connect to your pure soul essence and for couples to attune to the energies and soul essence of their union. 

Each canvas is a combination of photograph and paint.

I create these unique portraits by connecting with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and your Guides and Teachers asking for Divine Guidance. As I work, each canvas "develops", much like a photograph develops in the darkroom.


Each layer is infused with your Soul Essence.

When your Soul Portrait is complete, I am given your Soul Message. Each Soul Portrait comes accompanied by the personal Soul Message I receive for you. Created through Divine Guidance, your Soul Portrait and Soul Message become
 a powerful tool to attune you to your Soul Essence.

Here is one of my Soul Portraits (Painting & Accompanying Message)

Beloved Earth Mother we send you blessings of eternity for you are the embodiment of Goddess in her Mother form. Behold the grace and beauty which flows through you. You are the symbol of Eternal Goddess re-creating life. It is who you are, Beloved Soul. You hold that creative energy birthing whatever your heart desires.

As you move through life give time to your creative forces …to your inspiration. Let your inspiration birth into the world….not just through souls that you bring in…but through dance…through art…through preparing of foods…through anything that catches your fancy. For birthing means many things.

Be patient with yourself. You will continue to ripen as you gain experience in the world. You are a model for many women. You will see your life shift and change…your little ones will grow and leave the nest that you create for them. This is as it should be.

As you gaze at your image see not only mother but woman. Always remember you are woman…Goddess. Honor yourself as the Goddess you are. Bring your Earth Goddess to your mate.

Breathe…you are Earth. Breathe it in. Through your life, refresh yourself in nature…bathe yourself in the beautiful, nourishing Gaia energies. You are light…You are Joy…

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