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Angels, Faeries and Unseen Realms

ARCHANGEL ARIEL, Angel of Nature and Prosperity, is my primary guide in the Angelic Realm. We've traveled together many lifetimes.. eons I'm told! 

Together we offer Angel Oracle Codes, Cards & Tarot Readings and Ariel Speaks, messages I receive directly from Ariel. Some are written and some are received directly through voice. Many refer to this as channeling.

Sometimes, I receive a written message that Ariel would like to make public, I record myself reading it. Other times Ariel speaks through my voice box and I record these messages as I am speaking. You will hear the difference as you listen to these audios and watch these videos. When Ariel is speaking my voice is quite different than when I am reading.

We share these with you in love and blessings.

Here are a few videos of time well spent with my friends in these delicious realms!  Enjoy!

Ariel Speaks | Messages From Archangel Ariel

Beloved | Ariel Speaks

On Independence July 4th

Beloved | Ariel Speaks

SoulHeart Meditation 

Beloved  | Ariel Speaks

On Nature and Caring for Our Planet 

Nature Speaks | Messages From Nature & Unseen Realms

Beloved | Nature Speaks |

Tree Guardian at Bridget's Well 

Kildare Ireland

Beloved | Nature Speaks 

A Walk In My Faerie Garden

AngelSong Sanctuary

Beloved | Nature Speaks |

Dancing Faeries
Mountain Light Sanctuary


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