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How I Met My Angels

Dear Heart, do you know, our glorious universe is full of the most delightful companions you could ever imagine? Angels, Faeries, Masters, Guides, Teachers and Cosmic Brothers and Sisters ~ all available to partner with us as we live our delicious Earth journey!


My first introduction to Angels in this lifetime began in 1983 with a strand of crystal beads. 

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My mother-in-law, Hannah gave me these beautiful beads. This was during her recovery from heart surgery. My Spirit Husband, Stephen and I had taken turns staying with her in her hotel as she continued to heal and gain strength.


One afternoon she told me she had a gift for me and as she handed me this strand of crystal she told me she had purchased these beads in an antique store many years ago and never worn them. They stayed in her safety deposit box. However, on this trip to Florida, she was compelled to bring them with her. "I believe they are for you."

I thanked her for them and knowing they were important I took them to a friend and gifted reader, Beverly Ford. Beverly held the strand of beads, closed her eyes, opened them and looked into my eyes, "What do you know about Angels?" 

I somehow knew my life was about to change and I replied, "Not much, I guess. Everyone has a Guardian Angel, I know Angels are a different order of Being. We don't die and become Angels."

Again, Beverly closed her eyes, still holding my strand of beads. She opened her eyes and said, "Your Guardian Angel has returned these to you. They are for your protection."

Until then I had never really thought about Angels. Faeries, yes, but not Angels. Dear Heart, did I have a lot to learn! I wore my crystals daily and, as I think back, they became a key to a door I opened slowly, crossing the threshold, exploring, experiencing the Universe's treasures!


Excerpted from Ariel's Journey; An Angelic Guide to Joyful Living ~ Written by Beloved  Inspired by Archangel Ariel

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