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What People Say About Beloved 

KateBeloved is the quintessential mystic. She is both ethereal and centered. An author and musician with a special relationship with the angelic realm, she channels guidance and communes with galactic beings, angels, faeries and dolphins. A crystal bowl master she can bring you to tears with the haunting sounds and vibration that emanates from beneath her fingers, touching your soul. As a participant in her classes, retreats or personal consultation, you are treated to a space of joy, non-judgment, acceptance, playfulness and compassion.
If you are fortunate enough to meet and spend time with Beloved it will be one of the more memorable and sacred experiences of your life.
Fern Lefkowitz
Client, Retreat Participant

I was blessed to receive a Soul Code Reading from Beloved. Now, I’m a moon and chart gal, so of course I thought I knew it all. Let me tell you that the information Beloved provided to me knocked my socks off. Such insight and amazing information in a jam-packed session. I left feeling elated and so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the numerology of the Angel Codes and the wisdom shared by Beloved. Try one today, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Crystal Castle

Life Coach at Mindful Shift and Author of Nourishing Mind Body & Spirit

Spirit brought Beloved into my life almost ten years ago. At our first meeting, she guided me on my spiritual journey by gently offering insight into what I was experiencing with auras. As time went on I was touched by the teachings of Ariel and my spiritual horizon was forever changed. I no longer looked at the realm as 3 dimensional.


Beloved has blessed my journey in so many ways, guided me with card readings, helped me meet my spirit guide, and is constantly teaching me about the Angels. Her gifts are many and her love is Vast.  I thank the Goddess every day for gifting Beloved to me….


Maggi Moore  

"I remember the first time I heard Beloved’s Crystal Bowls and her toning. The vibration, the sound, the energy of the bowls and the intuitive way Beloved is letting them sing is simply beautiful and I had never experienced anything like it. 
When I opened The Salt Spa of Asheville one of the first events that I offered was Halo Sound Meditation with Beloved. The sound of the bowls and the Himalayan Salt Crystals in our Salt Therapy Room are a harmonious combination and highly energetic and healing.
Events with Beloved are booked out in advance and enjoyed by everybody. I truly recommend Beloved’s Crystal Bowl Sound Meditations. Healing Sound is very therapeutic and nurturing, not just for the senses but our physical and spiritual being as well. " 

  Ines Clark,
Owner of The Salt Spa of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

I love KateBeloved! She has been sharing her celestial musical gifts at my workshops and Solstice/Equinox Celebrations in Asheville, N.C. for years. She goes into a deep and divine state of harmony with her crystal bowls and angelic Self that puts everyone present into a deep and peaceful trance. I’ve found her events - which go far beyond ordinary music - to be perfect preparation for students learning qigong, ritual alchemy forms like Primordial Tai Chi, and Taoist inner alchemy meditation.


Blessings on KateBeloved's Creative and Loving Way,

Michael Winn

Healing Tao USA

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