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Your Manifesting Codes for the Week of May 31, 2021

May 31 - June 6

Blessings Darling Hearts,

Another week of powerful Cosmic Shifts! We are in the midst of this season’s eclipse portal! The first eclipse was a lunar eclipse on the Sagittarius Full Moon (Wednesday, May 26) and the second is a solar eclipse occurring on the Gemini New Moon (Thursday, June 10). And we have changing energies as we leave the month of May and move into June (Tuesday, June 1) and Mercury is Retrograde! What are Angel Codes? Angel Codes are the teachings I received in 2019 from my primary guide, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity, abundance and nature.

Based on the vibrational resonance of 13, each code 0-12 is a gateway into higher frequencies, realms, and dimensions. Weaving together angel wisdom, lunar astrology, numeric vibration, lunar cycles, and cosmic energies, the Angel Code Teachings create new tapestries of understandings; tapestries aligning with new energetic imprints infusing spirit into matter.

The purpose of the Angel Code Teachings is to bring in Cosmic Divine Oneness, to activate your SoulHeart, to assist in the unification of Spirit into matter and to ease your way as you navigate your Earth Journey.

Each code is a manifestation code.

Remember, Dear Heart, you are a Divine Spiritual Being experiencing life in physical form. As you align and merge your Earth Energy with your Divine Cosmic Energy, you create a more deliciously abundant life of ease and grace. Now, let’s look at the Overlighting Angel Code for this week! And, OMGoddess it’s amplified BIG time! Because it’s also the Angel Code for 2021! When codes are amplified it’s the angels telling you, “PAY ATTENTION!”

The Overlighting Angel Code for This Week

The Overlighting Angel Code for the week is ANGEL CODE 5 | THE GATEWAY TO THE ANGELIC REALM activating your connection to direct angel communication through the Angelic Triangle mirrored in the body through the Center of Truth, Throat/Ear connection/

* To activate The Angelic Triangle place your thumbs on your throat and your fingers on your ears. Do you feel the Triangle? Be still. Is there a Truth you need to speak? Is there a message you need to hear?

Sweet One, the angels are reminding you to call on them. They are here for you so invite them into your life! The Gateway to the Angelic Realm is an Angel Code of Truth aligned with the Angelic Triangle.

Archangel Ariel's Message for Angel Code 5

Dear One, you are always connected to the angelic realm. From the very beginning of all your beginnings you have had angels by your side. They are here for guidance and to share truths. Your angels cannot participate in your life without an invitation. Ask your angels to play with you… to partner with you… to offer guidance... to share truths. Just as we do here with Little One, who you know as Beloved

Yes, you are invited here to deepen your relationship with your angels. Nurture your relationship with your angels the way you nurture your relationship with your best friend. Do you call your best friend to chat or visit … sharing the happenings of your life … asking for advice or opinions when needed?

Would you miss your friend if time was long between visits? And yet when once again you meet, is it not as though no time has elapsed? Do you know each other so well that the passage of time makes no difference? And yet, Dear One, does it not make your life sweeter, more fragrant, more delicious to have long chats, share secrets, and enjoy tea together? This is how it is with your angels. We are ever present, and your angels know you can get busy with life in the third dimension and sometimes you might forget to invite your angels. Dear One, life is so much sweeter and more fragrant when you have long chats, share secrets and enjoy life in the company of angels!

Each morning when you awaken from slumber invite your angels to play with you!

Angel Activation Affirmation Mantra

“I AM surrounded by Angels. Angels are waiting for my invitation to join me as partners, playmates and guides. All I have to do is ask!”

To Activate the Angel Affirmation Mantra


Darling Heart, we activate the Angel Codes using TWO powerful tools that, like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, you have always had access to… Your BREATH and your VOICE!

Yes, Love. We activate the codes and open the gateways through our Angel Activation Affirmation Mantra! Look into the mirror and begin taking long slow deep breaths. As You breathe, bring your awareness into your SoulHeart. Feel your beautiful SoulHeart expanding. Feel the shift. Do you feel warm? Or cool? Do you feel the vibration? See color?

Now bring your awareness back to your breath and takes 3 long, slow deep breaths. On each out-breath repeat or tone the Angel Affirmation Mantra out loud.

“I AM surrounded by Angels. Angels are waiting for my invitation to join me as partners, playmates and guides. All I have to do is ask!”

For even deeper alignment, repeat this in the evenings. Repeat throughout the week.

Sweet One, as I said earlier this is a very powerful week. Click the link to receive my free e-book 5 Favorite Tips to Thriving During Mercury Retrograde!

May your heart be filled to overflowing and may you awaken each and everyone you meet!

Abundant Angel Moon Manifesting Blessings

KateBeloved (Beloved)

The Angel Code Oracle

P.S. Please Leave a comment. I'd love to hear your Angel/Moon Experiences!


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