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The Angel Code Oracle 2021
A 12-Month Angel Moon Manifesting Journey, Journal and Planner

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THE ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2021 is a powerful 12-month Angel Moon ManifestingJ ourney to create your most abundantly delicious 2021.

Inside the 400 pages, you'll find information and easy-to-follow instructions for a powerful 12-month self-guided journey to increase LOVE, HEALTH and WEALTH!


I have included the Cosmic Energies and dates for New/Full Moons, Equinoxes/Solstices, and Mercury Retrogrades.


Some of the powerful manifesting tools you'll enjoy are Angel Codes (Numerology), Messages from Archangel Ariel, Lunar Astrology, New & Full Moon Journal Pages and New and Full Moon Ceremonies!


Plus a full 2021 MONTH / DAILY PLANNER!!! And, you will find even more delicious content!

And of course, when you purchase THE ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2021 we have yummy
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We've created 2 amazing video gifts for you to help make 2021 an absolutely abundantly delicious year!

How To Use The Angel Code Oracle 2021 As Your Roadmap to Abundance!


A 3-VIdeo Masterclass; Energetic Alignment, Angel and The Moon

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The Angel Code Oracle 2021
A 12-Month Angel Moon Manifesting Journey, Journal and Planner

50.00 (US) FREE 7-10 DAY SHIPPING! You can upgrade to priority shipping for just $10!

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Blessings Darling Heart,


What you were holding in your hand is a powerful 12-month journey to activate more abundantly delicious LOVE, HEALTH and WEALTH… and it is created with my primary guide Archangel Ariel!


Sweet One, you know you are a powerful creator who wants to create the most deliciously abundant, loving, vibrantly healthy, and prosperous life! You understand the importance of working with unseen guides, especially the angels, and you understand the importance of using tools like numerology and astrology for energetic alignment. You’d love to have a roadmap for the year, especially one that follows the cycles of the moon, and let you know what the energies are and how best to align with them to reach your goals.


Using ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2021 and the angelic guidance (Archangel Ariel’s messages), angel activation affirmations(Angel Montrose), astrology (Luna’s Astro Energies) and numerology (Angel Code), you can easily align your energy with the energies of nature and the cosmos. You’ll know the perfect time to create and the perfect time to surrender! And you’ll activate the cosmic support you’re receiving!


Dear One, ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2021 serves as the perfect place for you to do your moon work! You’ll learn about each lunar cycle. The weeks with the new or full moon list the lunar energy, astrological sign, element and Archangel for that moon. Each moon, you’ll find pages inviting you to align with the current new or full moon cycle to create your goals, clarify and clear blocks to achieving those goals and create a three-step plan to manifest your dreams! We’ve even added new and full moon ceremonies!


There are so many amazing angel teachings, moon astrology teachings and numerology teachings available, but none brings them together in one place the way THE ANGEL CODE ORACLE 2021 does!


We are thrilled you have chosen to embark on this magical 12 -month journey to activate you’re abundantly delicious Love, Vibrant Health and Wealth!


Are you ready to join a sisterhood of magnificent women, partnering with the angels, aligning with the lunar energies, stepping into your power and surrendering your barriers and blocks as you create the most abundantly delicious life you can imagine?


Join the Sisterhood!





 Sending you abundant angel blessings!

      Here... CATCH •*¨*• ♪ ♬ ¸¸.•*¨*•

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The Angel Code Oracle 2021
A 12-Month Angel Moon Manifesting Journey, Journal and Planner

50.00 (US)
FREE 7-10 Day Shipping  Upgraded to Priority Shipping for just $10!

I am thrilled to be your partner on this magical Manifesting Your Dreams Sisterhood 2021 adventure. I help women like you who know they’re meant to live a gloriously abundant life, connect deeply to their SoulHeart, clarify their dreams, identify and release barriers, and design an easy-to-follow plan so they can create the most delicious life of Infinite Joy, Blissful Love, Vibrant Health and Material Wealth!



 Angel Code Oracle, Author,  

Transformation Partner

Blessings Darling Heart,

I wanted time, time to just be, so I closed my clinical hypnotherapy practice and gave up my private yoga students. My children were grown with beautiful families of their own and so for the first time since college, I took the opportunity to feel into what I wanted my life to be. What yumminess would I create now that I was no longer a “we”?


And I discovered many fabulous things! I could do radio shows by myself! So I hosted a call-in talk show for a couple of years. And I hosted two television shows. I became a painter. Together, with my angelic guide ArchangelAriel, authored several books including 30 Days to Abundance & Prosperity; An Angelic Guide to Joyful Living, The Angel Code Oracle 2020 and The Angel Code Oracle 2021; A 12-Month Angel Moon Manifesting Journey, Journal and Planner. .


I enjoy beautiful romances, split my time living in two fabulous places and began touring as a musician and workshop/retreat facilitator.  Soon I began traveling the world! And my latest discovery? I love singing rock 'n' roll so I do a couple of open mics a week! 


I love sharing what I've experienced, what I’ve learned... to partner with you... assisting you to live the most abundant life you can imagine! After all Dear One, that's why you chose to incarnate into your beautiful Earth body... so you can experience all the things you can only experience when you are Spirit manifesting itself into Matter!!


Yes, Darling One, I've been blessed beyond measure and my Joy and my Passion is helping you make your life the most glorious you can imagine!

Sweet One, my journey this lifetime has been absolutely delicious.  Even as my whole life shifted fourteen years ago when my husband went through illness and left planet. Not only were we a couple, we worked together co-teaching at the university and co-hosting radio talk shows.  And then, he was gone.