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Manifesting with the Scorpio Full Moon

SCORPIO FULL MOON Monday, April 26, 2021

Blessings Love, Do you know how to work with angels and the moons to manifest your dreams? Did you even know that Cosmic Energies including the Moon Cycles play a BIG part in successful manifesting? Yes, Darling Heart. that's why I include Moon Codes, Lady Luna's Astro Codes and Angel Codes as part of my ANGEL CODE ALCHEMY MANIFESTING TEACHINGS! Let’s see what deliciousness the Angel Code Alchemy Manifesting Codes for this Full Moon are activating!

SCORPIO FULL MOON MONDAY, APRIL 26 is our SECOND Full Moon of the season! This Full Moon is very powerful for 3 reasons. 1. It’s Vesak (Wesak), the day of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and day he left this realm. 2. It’s our first Supermoon. 3. It’s the Pink Moon Full Moons are the perfect time to empty the cup, create spaciousness as you make room for the dreams you set into motion two weeks ago at the Aries New Moon! Now is the time to SURRENDER, RELEASE AND LET GO OF ANYTHING THAT IS BLOCKING YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS!


The ANGEL CODES for Full Moon are duo codes!!! They activate TWO powerful gateways to other realms and dimensions

Monday's Full Moon at 7° degrees Scorpio, activates the energetic signature of ANGEL CODE 8/7, activating INFINITE POSSIBILITIES as you connect with the DIVINE COLLECTIVE.

The OVERLIGHTING ANGEL CODE is 8 | GATEWAY TO INFINITE BLESSINGS activates your Limitless Possibilities

Remember, Dear One, life on earth is meant to be lived with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES ~ this code is an Infinity Code connecting you to your Infinite Soul , nourishing and replenishing you with the Light of Infinite Possibilities. The Angels are reminding you that you are an infinite never-ending Divine Being and life is meant to be lived with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – Infinite Abundance in all things – Vibrant Health, Blissful Love, Infinite Joy, Infinite Peace and Material Wealth!


You are an infinite being. Like the zero point, you have no beginning and no end. Dear One, your life has infinite potential and infinite possibilities. It is you who bring them into the finite. it is you who impose limitations on yourself. You have as much infinite potential today as the day you birthed on to this beautiful blue planet.
You, Dear One, are a divine being holding the light of infinite possibilities. when you chose to incarnate on planet Earth, you chose to experience all the delights this magical blue planet had to offer... Creating an abundant, joyful, vibrantly healthy, loving life for yourself!
As a cosmic soul, you were aware only of limitless infinite possibility. We invite you to return to that knowing that there are no limits and your life is truly filled with infinite possibilities awaiting you to choose the ones to activate!

The LUNATION ANGEL CODE is 7 | GATEWAY TO THE DIVINE COLLECTIVE activating your connection to the Collective Consciousness!

Remember, Dear One, The Angels are reminding you that you are a Being of Divine Energy. You are part of the divine collective. Your thoughts and actions are energy forms that affect the whole of life... even the weather!


Dear One, we invite you to awaken to the knowledge that ALL ARE ONE. There is a collective... no separation... YOU are part of the whole. What you do, what you say, and what you think affects the Whole of Life... not just beings who breathe but the mountains, seas, waters, and weather! All are a reflection of the energetic signature sent forth.

Do you believe the words you speak are just words? Or, do you understand the power they hold? YOU are a powerful creator! Once you breathe life into your words by speaking them aloud you have set a powerful invocation. You have released the energetic signature of those words into the Universe. And the energy will build as it gathers more energy that is in vibrational coherence with its energetic signature.

Dear One, by the words you speak you can create peace, love, kindness and happiness in the collective or you can create war, destruction, disease and divisiveness. What you create affects the whole of humanity
Keep your thoughts uplifted. Treat others with respect. Care for your planet. Understand ALL ARE ONE and you affect the whole! Now that you hold this understanding, we know you will create from your Divine SoulHeart.


The ARCHANGEL for the Scorpio Full Moon is RAPHAEL, Angel of the Heart, Healing and Forgiveness. Call on Archangel RAPHAEL to inspire you as you surrender, release and let go of anything that you believe is blocking your goals and manifesting your dreams!


Now let's look at the MOON CODES and ASTRO CODES for this full moon.

FULL MOON KEYWORDS: Completion, Surrender, Release.

ASTRO SIGN: 7° Scorpio 8th sign of the Zodiac RULER: Pluto ELEMENT: Water EXPRESSION: Fixed stable, determined


Lady Luna is activating Pluto- ruled Scorpio. Passions are hot. In this lunar portal of surrender you are invited to surrender what is complete. Lady Luna in watery Scorpio shines her light on your deep emotions. Is there something that brings fear? Do you feel indecisive? Is there some place in your life where you are not authentic? Except lady luna's invitation to explore these areas. OK, Love. Those are the Manifesting Codes for the Libra Full Moon! Remember, Darling Heart, YOU are a POWERFUL MANIFESTOR who came to Earth to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! I know you can do this!!! Attuning, Aligning and Integrating the Codes - Angel Codes, Moon Codes and Lady Luna's Astro Codes - is such a powerful piece to creating your most delicious abundant life! I'd love to send the codes to you each week when you sign-up for my FREE Manifesting Your Dreams Weekly! May your heart be filled to overflowing and may you awaken each and everyone you meet!

Abundant Angel Moon Blessings and Merry Manifesting!

KateBeloved (Beloved) The Angel Code Oracle

P.S. Please Leave a comment. I'd love to hear your Angel/Moon Experiences!


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