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Manifesting with the Libra Full Moon

LIBRA FULL MOON Sunday, March 28, 2021

Blessings Love, Do you know how to work with angels and the moons to manifest your dreams? Did you even know that Cosmic Energies including the Moon Cycles play a BIG part in successful manifesting? Yes, Love. That's why I include Moon Codes, Lady Luna's Astro Codes and Angel Codes as part of my ANGEL CODE ALCHEMY Manifesting Codes! Let’s see what deliciousness the Angel Code Alchemy Manifesting Codes for this Full Moon are activating!

LIBRA FULL MOON SUNDAY, MARCH 28 is our first Full Moon of the season! And full moons are all about emptying the cup, creating spaciousness, room for whatever dreams you set into motion two weeks ago at the Pisces New Moon! Now is the time to SURRENDER, RELEASE AND LET GO OF ANYTHING THAT IS BLOCKING YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS!


The ANGEL CODES for Full Moon are duo codes!!! They are activating TWO powerful yummy gateways.

Sunday's full moon is the first full moon of this new season. At 8° degrees Libra, this moon activates the energetic signature of ANGEL CODE 9/ 8, activating INFINITE POSSIBILITIES as you connect with the HEART OF THE DIVINE MOTHER.


So, Dear Heart, what are your Soul Gifts?

#1 is the ability to communicate with your SoulHeart through your INTUITION! I know you're an intuitive being. I know you get hits. You feel the hair on your arm stand up, or the goosebumps. And sometimes you think about someone you haven't seen in a long time and of course you run into them! That’s your intuition!

ANGEL CODE 9 is activating your intuition your IGS, your INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM! Yes Love, just like your car has a GPS you have an IGS! The angels are telling you to quit fooling around! PAY ATTENTION to your IGS!

# 2 is the ability to communicate with all the benevolent unseen beings throughout the Cosmos - Angels, Star Beings and Guides throughout all realms and dimensions! These benevolent beings are there and waiting for you to call on them.


Dear One, you are a Divine Being of Spirit. We are reminding you that you are Awakening to your Soul Gifts. You have many Soul Gifts; some are known to you and some are not. As you awaken your gifts you can communicate with Angels, Star Beings, and Guides throughout the Cosmos. These benevolent beings are here awaiting your invitation to join you on your Earth journey.

Are you seeing a thread here? COMMUNICATION BEYOND 3-D!!! I promise, you can do this!!!

The LUNATION ANGEL CODE is 8 | GATEWAY TO INFINITE POSSIBILITIES activating your limitless possibilities!

Remember, Dear One, life on earth is meant to be lived with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES ~ this code is an Infinity Code connecting you to your Infinite Soul , nourishing and replenishing you with the Light of Infinite Possibilities. The Angels are reminding you that you are an infinite never-ending Divine Being and life is meant to be lived with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – Infinite Abundance in all things – Vibrant Health, Blissful Love, Infinite Joy, Infinite Peace and Material Wealth!


You are an infinite being. Like the zero point, you have no beginning and no end. Dear One, your life has infinite potential and infinite possibilities. It is you who bring them into the finite. it is you who impose limitations on yourself. You have as much infinite potential today as the day you birthed on to this beautiful blue planet.

You, Dear One, are a divine being holding the light of infinite possibilities. when you chose to incarnate on planet Earth, you chose to experience all the delights this magical blue planet had to offer... Creating an abundant, joyful, vibrantly healthy, loving life for yourself!

As a cosmic soul, you were aware only of limitless infinite possibility. We invite you to return to that knowing that there are no limits and your life is truly filled with infinite possibilities awaiting you to choose the ones to activate!

The ARCHANGEL for the Libra Full Moon is GABRIEL, Divine Messenger, Angel of Inspiration. Call on Archangel Gabriel to inspire you as you surrender, release and let go of anything that you believe is blocking your goals and manifesting your dreams!


Now let's look at the MOON CODES and ASTRO CODES for this full moon.

FULL MOON KEYWORDS: Completion, Surrender, Release.

ASTRO SIGN: 8° Libra RULER: Venus ELEMENT: Air EXPRESSION: Cardinal initiating , motivating

When Lady Luna is flowing through Libra she is cooperative, gracious, balanced and the Queen of the ball. During this full moon she's reminding you to avoid conflict and surrender anything that keeps you from your peace and delight! OK, Love. Those are the Manifesting Codes for the Libra Full Moon! Remember, Darling Heart, YOU are a POWERFUL MANIFESTOR who came to Earth to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! I know you can do this!!! Attuning, Aligning and Integrating the Codes - Angel Codes, Moon Codes and Lady Luna's Astro Codes - is such a powerful piece to creating your most delicious abundant life! I'd love to send the codes to you each week when you sign-up for my FREE Manifesting Your Dreams Weekly! May your heart be filled to overflowing and may you awaken each and everyone you meet!

Abundant Angel Moon Blessings and Merry Manifesting!

KateBeloved (Beloved) The Angel Code Oracle

P.S. Please Leave a comment. I'd love to hear your Angel/Moon Experiences!


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