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Magical March Manifesting! Here's the Code!

The Month of March 2021

Blessings Love,

Welcome March! I always love the beginning of a new month. Actually, Dear Heart, I always love the beginning of everything; new journals, whose blank pages call forth my story, a blank canvas whose siren song beckons my paint and freshly fallen snow awaiting my feet to bring forth the first footprints! Call me that cockeyed optimist but I always believe that in each beginning, in each moment, we have the ability to create something deliciously magical! Sweet One, in our angel moon manifesting practice ANGEL CODE ALCHEMY we attune, align and integrate to the energetic currents of the moment!

Read on for the Angel Code Currents for March.

The Overlighting Angel Code for March 2021

Angel Code 8 | Gateway to the Infinite Possibilities Activates your limitless possibilities. Life on Earth is meant to be lived with infinite abundance! This code is an Infinity Code connecting you to your Infinite Soul, nourishing and replenishing you with the Light of Infinite Possibilities. The angels are reminding you that you are an infinite never-ending Divine Being Sweet One, I just love it when the codes repeat. We just activated this code 2 days ago during the February 27 Virgo Full Moon! When Codes repeat the messages are amplified and the angels are telling us to, “PAY ATTENTION!”

Archangel Ariel's Message for the Month

You, Dear One are a divine being holding the light of the infinite possibilities. When you chose to incarnate on planet Earth you chose to experience all the delights this magical blue planet has to offer … creating an abundant, joyful, vibrantly healthy, loving life for yourself! As a cosmic soul you were aware only of limitless infinite possibility. We invite you to return to knowing that there are no limits and your life is truly filled with infinite possibilities awaiting you to choose the ones to activate!

You are an Infinite Being. Like the zero point, you have no beginning and no end. Remember, Dear One, your life has Infinite potential and Infinite possibilities. It is you who bring them into the Finite… who impose limitations on your Self. You have as much Infinite Potential today as the day you birthed onto this beautiful blue planet!

Angel Code Gateway Activation for March (Affirmation)

“I AM an Infinite Being with no beginning and no end. My life is filled with Infinite Possibilities. “I AM an Infinite Being with no beginning and no end.”

To activate ANGEL CODE 8 and open the GATEWAY TO INFINITE POSSIBILITIES follow these simple steps. You will need a mirror.

Look into the mirror and begin taking long, slow, deep breaths all the way down into your belly.

As you breathe, bring your awareness into your SoulHeart.

Feel your beautiful SoulHeart expanding. Feel this shift. Do you feel warm? Or cool? Do you feel the vibration? See color?

Now bring your awareness back to your breath and take 3 long slow deep breaths. On each out breath, repeat or tone the Angel Activation Mantra out loud. For even deeper alignment, repeat in the evenings.


Attuning, Aligning and Integrating the Codes - Angel Codes, Moon Codes and Lady Luna's Astro Codes - is such a powerful piece to creating your most delicious abundant life1 I'd love to send the codes to you each week when you sign-up for my FREE Manifesting Your Dreams Weekly!

Wishing you a month of Blissful Love, Vibrant Health, Delicious Joy, Deep Inner Peace and Material Wealth.

Abundant Angel Moon Blessings

KateBeloved (Beloved)

The Angel Code Oracle

P.S. Please Leave a comment. I'd love to know what your March Dreams are!

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