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Angel Codes Week of July 12, 2021

Blessings Darling Hearts,

Another week of delicious ANGEL CODES and COSMIC SHIFTS!


Angel Codes are the teachings I received in 2019 from my primary guide, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity, abundance and nature.

Based on the vibrational resonance of 13, each code 0-12 is a gateway into higher frequencies, realms, and dimensions. Weaving together angel wisdom, lunar astrology, numeric vibration, lunar cycles, and cosmic energies, the Angel Code Teachings create new tapestries of understandings; tapestries aligning with new energetic imprints infusing spirit into matter.

The purpose of the Angel Code Teachings is to bring in Cosmic Divine Oneness, to activate your SoulHeart, to assist in the unification of Spirit into Matter, and to ease your way as you navigate your Earth Journey.

Each Angel Code is a Manifestation Code activated by its powerful Angel Mantra Affirmation!

Remember, Dear Heart, you are a Divine Spiritual Being experiencing life in physical form. As you align and merge your Earth Energy with your Divine Cosmic Energy, you create a more deliciously abundant life of ease and grace.



~ JULY 12 DAY 7 NEW MOON PORTAL MAKE A WISH! (read Manifesting with the Cancer New Moon)


The Overlighting Angel Code for the week is ANGEL CODE 6 | GATEWAY TO INFINITE KNOWING activatIng your intuition in all realms and dimensions!

Darling Heart, this Angel Code activates your Infinite Knowing! The Angels are reminding you that you are a masterful intuitive being. You're not of the earth. You are a multi-dimensional cosmic being who incarnated with an Internal Guidance System – your IGS.

Listen to your Inner Knowing. It is through your Inner Knowing (your SoulHeart) that you receive true guidance.


Dear One, this Angel Code bring you into alignments with the Eye of God… into your all knowingness.

Yes, Dear One. You have the ability to be all knowing. It is who you are in your Soul Light Being form. Do you understand that Light is Energy? And holds information?
Yes, Dear One, as Water holds and transmits information through time and space so does LIGHT! And you are a spark of the Divine Light…. A hologram. When you allow yourself to expand beyond your 3-dimensional self, you will receive much needed information!
Yes, Dear One, remember you are a masterful intuitive being. You are not of the Earth. Yes, part of your being is in your Earth Body…. Yet, there is so much more to you. You are a multi- dimensional cosmic being and as such you may know and understand many dimensions and unseen realms.
You are a masterful Intuitive and as you awaken you will tune into the Infinite Knowing…. Through the Eye of God!
Unexpected knowings at first and then skill to tune in when you are wanting information. Synchronicities are your validation of opening God’s Eye of Infinite Knowing. The more synchronicities you notice in your life, the more you understand your God’s Eye is indeed opening!
Remember too, Dear One, you are one with the Universe and all can be known!


"I AM a masterful intuitive. The more I follow my intuition the more perfectly I align with my Inner Guidance System. I AM a masterful intuitive."



Darling Heart, we activate the Angel Codes using TWO powerful tools that, like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, you have always had access to… Your BREATH and your VOICE!

We activate the codes and open the gateways through our Angel Activation Affirmation Mantra! Look into the mirror and begin taking long slow deep breaths. As You breathe, bring your awareness into your SoulHeart. Feel your beautiful SoulHeart expanding. Feel the shift. Do you feel warm? Or cool? Do you feel the vibration? See color?

Now bring your awareness back to your breath and takes 3 long, slow deep breaths. On each out-breath repeat or tone the Angel Affirmation Mantra out loud.

"I AM a masterful intuitive. The more I follow my intuition the more perfectly I align with my Inner Guidance System. I AM a masterful intuitive."

For even deeper alignment, repeat this in the evenings. Repeat throughout the week.


Make Your Wishes! New Moon Portal Closes Tuesday, July 13!

Dear One, do you know to manifest your dreams you must be in alignment with the Codes and Cosmic Energies? Lunar Cycles give us timing. There are actually 8 phases to each Moon Cycle and each phase brings its own flavor. g A great beginning to learning Angel Moon Manifesting is to attune, align and integrate the codes of the New and Full Moon. New Moon is new beginnings, making wishes, planting seeds and creating goals. Full Moon is completing, surrendering and releasing. To manifest your dreams your timing is important! You don't want to create, plant your seeds or make wishes during the time of completion, surrender, and release!

I call the time of New and Full Moon, portals. Each Moon Portal is 7 days - 3 days as the energy is growing, the day the moon is new or full, and 3 days as the energy is dissipating. 7 days when you are receiving cosmic support from Laday Luna! This month's New Moon was Friday, July 9. Monday is day 7! If you haven't made your wishes, planted your seeds or created you goals for this lunar cycle I invite you to do it on Monday, July 12! To learn more about this month's New Moon in Cancer (read Manifesting with the Cancer New Moon)

Attuning, Aligning and Integrating the Manifesting Codes - Angel Codes, Moon Codes and Lady Luna's Astro Codes - is such a powerful piece to creating your most delicious abundant life! I'd love to send the codes to you each week when you sign-up for my FREE Manifesting Your Dreams Weekly!

Remember Love, regardless of what things look like in the outer world, you are a never-ending powerful creator. Trust your heart. Call your angels. Manifest your dreams NOW!

May your heart be filled to overflowing and may you awaken each and everyone you meet!

Abundant Angel Moon Manifesting Blessings

KateBeloved (Beloved)

The Angel Code Oracle

P.S. Please Leave a comment. I'd love to hear about your Angel/Moon Experiences!


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