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Activating Angel Code 4 The Gateway to the Infinite Heart

Week of February 15- 21

Overlighting Angel Code for this week is ANGEL CODE 4|GATEWAY TO THE INFINITE HEART

Dear One, continuing from yesterday’s Valentine Day, the angels are inviting you to really tune into your heart. Not just the Heart that beats in your physical body temple but go deeper. Tune into your SoulHeart! What calls you? What ignites your passions? What is your Soul Purpose?

Take a moment, Sweet One. Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe into your magnificent Heart. Feel the warmth. Breathe in LOVE. Pure, Unconditional Infinite Divine Love. Awaken to all the love you are receiving! I invite you to activate the Light of Infinite Love NOW!!


Activation: Activating your Light of Infinite Love shining through your Infinite SoulHeart.

The angels are reminding you that you are a Being of Infinite Love shining through your Infinite SoulHeart.


Remember Dear One, you are a Divine Being choosing a life in the physical form. It is your Infinite SoulHeart that is meant to guide you. For you are meant to live on your planet as a DIVINE SOUL experiencing the most deliciously abundant life you came here to live.

Remember, Dear One, only a portion of your Divine Essence is within your physical form. You are not alone. You have many waiting to serve you … angels, guides, ascended masters, cosmic star beings… your connection to all of your soul gifts and talents is through your magnificent INFINITE HEART!

Remember, Dear One, just as your vehicle has a GPS guidance system, you have an internal guidance system. It is your IGS… your Inner Guidance System. Feel into your Heart. When things feel “right”, or activate feelings of Love, Joy or Peace move forward. When you are feeling discord, retreat. Allow your connection with your Infinite Heart to grow. When you are not sure, feel into your Infinite Heart … your SoulHeart. Ask questions. Feel into your heart.

TRUST! You will become more skilled as you practice.


“I AM a divine spirit of love. My heart is my inner guidance system. The more I am aware of the messages my heart is sending and the more I follow what feels good, the more love, happiness and joy I receive! I AM a divine spirit of love.”

Abundant Angel Moon Blessings

KateBeloved (Beloved) The Angel Code Oracle

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