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Angels, Faeries and Unseen Realms

​​ARCHANGEL ARIEL, Angel of Nature and Prosperity, is my primary guide to the Angelic Realm. We've traveled together many lifetimes.. eons I'm told! 

Together we offer Ariel Speaks, messages I receive directly from Ariel.. Some are written and some are received directly through voice. Many refer to this as "channeling". Sometimes, I receive a written message that Ariel would like to make public, I record myself reading it. Other times Ariel speaks through my voice box and I record these messages as I am speaking. You will hear the difference as you listen to these audios and watch these videos. When Ariel is speaking my voice is quite different than when I am reading. We share these with you in love and blessings.

Here are a few videos of time well spent with my friends in these delicious realms!  Enjoy!


Ariel Speaks | Messages From Archangel Ariel

Beloved | Ariel Speaks

On Independence July 4th

Beloved | Ariel Speaks

SoulHeart Meditation 

Beloved  | Ariel Speaks

On Nature and Caring for Our Planet 


Nature Speaks | Messages From Nature & Unseen Realms

Beloved | Nature Speaks |

Tree Guardian at Bridget's Well 

Kildare Ireland

Beloved | Nature Speaks 

A Walk In My Faerie Garden

AngelSong Sanctuary

Beloved | Nature Speaks 

Dancing Faeries  

Mountain Light Sanctuary

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