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Angel Moon Alchemy Moon Manifesting Coaching

Blessings Darling Heart

I am so delighted to extend a special offer to those who have experienced the magic of A TASTE OF ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY. Now that you’ve had a taste of ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY and felt the harmonious dance between the Angels and the Moon, wouldn't you love to join in fully? I’d absolutely love to share this divine dance with you


Because you’ve participated in A TASTE OF ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY and because I absolutely cherish your presence, I’m thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity:



Our ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY MOON MANIFESTING COACHING draws upon the wisdom of our last two books, The Angel Code Oracle 2021 and The Angel Code Oracle 2022. Together with my primary guide and teacher, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity and abundance, I offer coaching sessions to help you master Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting.

In these New Moon sessions:

  • Discover which part of your life is being activated

  • Clarify your dreams and where you are receiving support

  • Learn how to plant your dream seed, set your goals, and create affirmations for the lunar cycle


In these Full Moon sessions:

  • Unveil which part of your life is being activated

  • Re-evaluate your goals and revise where necessary

  • Clarify what to complete, surrender, release, and let go during this powerful cycle of completion


Each Angel Moon Alchemy Moon Manifesting Coaching session, whether New or Full Moon, begins with a Heart Awakening with my gemstone alchemy crystal singing bowls. And, of course, Archangel Ariel graces us with angelic presence in each session!

  • Save $50 on our Spiritual Growth Summit First Time Moon Coaching Rate:

       Only USD 35 (Normally USD 85 per session) CLICK LINK to purchase a single coaching session

       Book your session for the June 21 Full Moon or the July 5 New Moon

  • Once you have purchased your session, we’ll contact you with date and time options.

    Join me in this celestial dance and unlock the full potential of Angel Moon Alchemy. Claim your divine coaching session now and let’s manifest your dreams together!

    Sending you so much love and abundant angel moon alchemy manifesting blessings for a magical day! Get ready! Here come your blessings… CATCH!

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