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Each if our Angel Moon Alchemy journals including our CANCER SEASON GUIDED JOURNAL & CAPRICORN FULL MOON JOURNAL are invitations to partner with angels, moon and cosmic energies to create your most deliciously abundant life! 


Envision the sacred dance of journaling as an invitation, Dear One, a gentle call to unite with the essence of your Soul Heart, merging seamlessly with the entirety of your divine being. Let each prompt within this CANCER SEASON GUIDED JOURNAL, guide you to attune, align, and integrate with the current cosmic energies. Oh, My Darling Heart, the power within that integration is boundless!

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Halfway through the month’s lunar cycle, when Lady Luna reaches her glorious fullness, she bestows upon you the chance to re-envision your dreams... this time through the gentle embrace of surrender!

In our ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY FULL MOON JOURNAL, you are lovingly invited to journey with Lady Luna and the Angel of the Moon as you explore the illuminated areas of your life, supporting you as you gracefully surrender, release, and let go.

As you turn the pages, you will uncover potential blocks that may be hindering your dreams and goals. Once again, it is a time for sweet surrender! Let Lady Luna and the Lunar Angel guide you through this transformative phase.

Sending you so much love and abundant angel moon alchemy manifesting blessings for a magical Full Moon! Get Ready! Here they come...CATCH!

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KateBeloved (Beloved)
The Angel Code Oracle™, 

Your Soul Awakener & Transformation Partner

Awaken Your Soul... Transform Your Life!   Awaken Your Soul...Transform the World!

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