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Soul Portraits™ (Commission Work)

Imagine having a piece of art that has been personally created to capture the

Essence of Your Soul...

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Beloved Earth Mother we send you blessings of eternity for you are the embodiment of Goddess in her Mother form. Behold the grace and beauty which flows through you. You are the symbol of Eternal Goddess re-creating life. It is who you are, Beloved Soul. You hold that creative energy birthing whatever your heart desires.

As you move through life give time to your creative forces …to your inspiration. Let your inspiration birth into the world….not just through souls that you bring in…but through dance…through art…through preparing of foods…through anything that catches your fancy. For birthing means many things.

Be patient with yourself. You will continue to ripen as you gain experience in the world. You are a model for many women. You will see your life shift and change…your little ones will grow and leave the nest that you create for them. This is as it should be.

As you gaze at your image see not only mother but woman. Always remember you are woman…Goddess. Honor yourself as the Goddess you are. Bring your Earth Goddess to your mate.

Breathe…you are Earth. Breathe it in. Through your life, refresh yourself in nature…bathe yourself in the beautiful, nourishing Gaia energies. You are light…You are Joy…You are holy.

Oh Radiant One Beloved Soul. Shine your light wherever you go. Know that you are luminously radiant and your energy lights the object it focuses upon. Release all doubt. Stay in your heart for that is the place in which your soul dwells. Trust what you know.


When darkness clouds your moment, radiate with your SoulLight. You are meant to be in that place of Joy. You are here to be loving. To love others as you awaken through your light. For truly you are what is meant by LightBeing. It is your nature.


Though you have always been aware of this you have thought most often in terms of Love. We are not saying it is not Love that is your true nature for surely it is. Yet, you have not always connected the Light Essence which is your true nature also. It is the lamp, the current which animates the Love. Love and Light … inseparable.


LOVE Little One. SHINE Little One…. SHINE


Pricing & Ordering

Medium: Each canvas is a combination of photograph and paint. Each Soul Portrait comes with your original Soul Portrait canvas and Soul Message plus a special Meditation/Altar Card with both your Soul Portrait and Soul Message. I work from your photographs so you need not be present.


**Photograph must be sufficient quality and resolution to enlarge to canvas size.


18 x 24 Standard Size 444.00 plus s/h


To order your Soul Portrait, please contact me

Phone 407-718-1087 US Mobile

*International inquiries please use

E-mail or Messenger

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