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Women's Moon Circle

New Moon

Eclipse Ceremony

We are offering the last VIRTUAL New Moon Ceremony of 2020 FREE as our gift to you!

Monday, December 14
4:00 p (Los Angeles) 7:00 p. (New York) Midnight (London)

Click for your local time


Calling all Goddesses, Mermaids, Cosmic Sisters, Lovely Ladies! We invite you to join us for the LAST MOON OF 2020!

In this time of shifting changes, it is more important than ever to gather together, share sacred space, refresh at the well of Sisterhood, encourage one another to hold their Light and send blessings to all!

New Moon is about New Beginnings! I believe we are about to emerge from our cocoons! What will you  CREATE  in this new cycle!!!

Gather Your Sacred Tools!





Gathering Sacred Tools is such an important preparation for Ceremony. The "gathering tools" is actually the beginning of our Ceremony. It's when your intention begins!

In this powerful ceremony you will:

• SET YOUR INTENTIONS for this new cycle!

• ACTIVATE the Angel Code for this New Moon (Numerology)

• EXPERIENCE a Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Guided Meditation

• CONNECT with the Archangel of this New Moon

• PARTICIPATE in our Water Ceremony of Creation

• RECEIVE Group Messages from Archangel Ariel


About Beloved

KateBeloved (Beloved) Sound Weaver and Messenger for Unseen Realms  is the author of The Angel Code Oracle 2021; A 12-Month Angel Moon Manifesting Journey, Journal and Planner, 30 Days to Prosperity & Abundance and The Angel Code Oracle 2020 


Blessings Love,

My journey this lifetime has been absolutely delicious. Practicing Angel Moon Manifesting I've been blessed beyond measure and my Joy and my Passion is Activating "Sleeping" Souls through ceremony, coaching, workshops and retreats!


I love sharing what I've experienced... to partner with YOU... assisting YOU to live the most abundant life you can imagine! After all, Dear One, that's why you chose this life in your beautiful Earth Body... so you can experience all the things you can only experience when you are Spirit manifesting itself into Matter!


I've worn so many hats and been called by so many titles and names throughout my Earth Journey. Beloved  KateBeloved, Ad Sach Kaur...  a Visionary, Crystal Sound Weaver, Speaker for Unseen Realms, Intuitive Soul Artist, Spirit Dancer and The Angel Code Oracle... but truth be known... it's all the same.  And my passion is to serve you!

I've spent the last 30 delicious years partnering with my primary guide Archangel ArielI helping women like you who know they’re meant to live a gloriously abundant life, connect deeply to their SoulHeart, clarify their dreams, identify and release barriers, and design an easy-to-follow plan so they can create the most delicious life of Infinite Joy, Blissful Love, Vibrant Health and Material Wealth!

Abundant Angel Moon Blessings

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