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Summer Solstice June 20, 2021

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Blessings Darling Hearts,

June Solstice is one of my very favorite time portals of the year! It occurs shortly after my Solar Return when I am immersed in vibrational harmony with the energies of the new year I am just beginning.

I have been blessed to welcome the returning sun at Stonehenge. After a night of deep meditation with my spine pressed against the stones, totally unaware of the revelry taking place around me as I was protected by a most hospitable Druid, I was called to one of the most powerful experiences I have had on this timeline. My Druid protector gently touched my shoulder and softly said, “It’s time My Lady.” I stood and together we walked into the center of the Henge. I chose to stand on the stone next to the point atop its standing stone. You see, Darling Heart, when the sun’s ray touches the tip of the point, it is officially Summer Solstice! As I stood among those gathered to celebrate Summer Solstice, I watched as the first color began to fill the predawn sky. As I watched, the sky colors changed and the sun began to rise. Four stones form a window and as the Sun makes his appearance in the window, I am aware of my heart opening… filling with the newborn Light. And then it happened. As I stood watching, my gaze never leaving the window, the first ray of morning passed through the window, moved into and through my field filling me with Light merging the Cosmic Sun Light with my field, my light body and my physical body temple as it illuminated the point! Solstice had arrived! And with it all the Magic of Ancestors Celebrating Stonehenge Summer Solstice!

We are experiencing new energetic signatures and Angel Codes as Solstice brings us a change of seasons! What are Angel Codes? Angel Codes are the teachings I received in 2019 from my primary guide, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity, abundance and nature.

Based on the vibrational resonance of 13, each code 0-12 is a gateway into higher frequencies, realms, and dimensions. Weaving together angel wisdom, lunar astrology, numeric vibration, lunar cycles, and cosmic energies, the Angel Code Teachings create new tapestries of understandings; tapestries aligning with new energetic imprints infusing spirit into matter.

The purpose of the Angel Code Teachings is to bring in Cosmic Divine Oneness, to activate your SoulHeart, to assist in the unification of Spirit into matter and to ease your way as you navigate your Earth Journey.

Each code is a manifestation code.

Remember, Dear Heart, you are a Divine Spiritual Being experiencing life in physical form. As you align and merge your Earth Energy with your Divine Cosmic Energy, you create a more deliciously abundant life of ease and grace. Now, let’s look at the Cosmic Energies and Angel Code for this Solstice!

JUNE SOLSTICE: Sunday, June 20 @11:32 pm (New York) SEASON: Summer (North Hemisphere) Winter (South Hemisphere)

SUN: Cancer RULER: Moon ELEMENT: Water EXPRESSION: Cardinal initiating MOON: Scorpio RULER: Pluto ELEMENT: Water EXPRESSION: Fixed stable PHASE: Waxing Gibbous ARCHANGEL: Raphael Angel of the Heart, Angel of Love, Vibrant Health and Healing, Angel of Forgiveness ANGEL CODE: 4 | GATEWAY TO THE INFINITE HEART

NORTH of the EQUATOR (Land of the Eagle) SEASON: SUMMER

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. You're experiencing more sunlight than any other day of the year - lots of deliciousness happening. You're probably feeling expansive and long to be out-of-doors enjoying summer activities, enjoying lots of yummy playtime. And after the summer of 2020 you may feel the desire to express your new-found freedom in new ways!

SOUTH of the EQUATOR (Land of the Condor) SEASON: WINTER

The solstice below the equator marks the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter. Traditionally, the energies are moving inward as you begin to slow down and move within. However, after the winter of 2020, you may feel the desire to not only move inward, but to gather in small circles with close friends and loved ones enjoying cozy evenings with fires in the hearth, and a table set with good food and yummy beverages!

This JUNE SOLSTICE also marks the beginning of another cosmic shift as the Sun moves from Gemini into Moon-ruled Cancer.

When the Sun is in Lady Luna ruled Cancer, I believe we are offered the opportunity to balance and harmonize Sun and Moon, Sacred Male with Divine Female.

Watery Cancer inspires you to focus on those people and places that our hearts consider home and family.

The energetic codes for Cancer are receptive, intuitive and expansive emotional awareness.

As an initiator, Cancer is calling you to move forward into this new season creating your dreams!

As we begin this cosmic shift, the moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto, watery Scorpio is fixed, bringing stability combined with transformation and exploration into the depths of emotion.

With the Sun in watery Cancer and the Moon in watery Scorpio you may find yourself moving deeply into your intuition as your awareness sharpens and you may feel a deeper connection to your IGS (internal guidance system).

The Overlighting Angel Code for this New Season

The OVERLIGHTING ANGEL CODE for this new season is ANGEL CODE 4 | THE GATEWAY TO THE INFINITE HEART activating your Light of Infinite Love shining through your Infinite SoulHeart.

Archangel Ariel's Message for Angel Code 4 | Gateway to the Infinite Heart

Remember Dear One, you are a Divine Being choosing a life in the physical form. It is your Infinite SoulHeart that is meant to guide you. For you are meant to live on your planet as a DIVINE SOUL experiencing the most deliciously abundant life you came here to live.

Remember, Dear One, only a portion of your Divine Essence is within your physical form. You are not alone. You have many waiting to serve you … angels, guides, ascended masters, cosmic star beings… your connection to all of your soul gifts and talents is through your magnificent INFINITE HEART!

Remember, Dear One, just as your vehicle has a GPS guidance system, you have an internal guidance system. It is your IGS… your Inner Guidance System. Feel into your Heart. When things feel “right”, or activate feelings of Love, Joy or Peace move forward. When you are feeling discord, retreat. Allow your connection with your Infinite Heart to grow. When you are not sure, feel into your Infinite Heart … your SoulHeart. Ask questions. Feel into your heart.

TRUST! You will become more skilled as you practice.

Angel Activation Affirmation Mantra

I AM a Divine Spirit of Infinite Love. My heart is my Inner Guidance System. The more I am aware of the messages my heart is sending and the more I follow what feels good, the more love, happiness and joy I receive! I AM a Divine Spirit of Infinite Love

To Activate the Angel Affirmation Mantra


Darling Heart, we activate the Angel Codes using TWO powerful tools that, like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, you have always had access to… Your BREATH and your VOICE!

Yes, Love. We activate the codes and open the gateways through our Angel Activation Affirmation Mantra! Look into the mirror and begin taking long slow deep breaths. As you breathe, bring your awareness into your SoulHeart. Feel your beautiful SoulHeart expanding. Feel the shift. Do you feel warm? Or cool? Do you feel the vibration? See color?

Now bring your awareness back to your breath and takes 3 long, slow deep breaths. On each out-breath repeat or tone the Angel Affirmation Mantra out loud.

I AM a Divine Spirit of Infinite Love. My heart is my Inner Guidance System. The more I am aware of the messages my heart is sending and the more I follow what feels good, the more love, happiness and joy I receive! I AM a Divine Spirit of Infinite Love

For even deeper alignment, repeat this in the evenings. Repeat throughout the season.


May your heart be filled to overflowing and may you awaken each and everyone you meet!

Abundant Angel Moon Manifesting Blessings

KateBeloved (Beloved)

The Angel Code Oracle

P.S. Please Leave a comment. I'd love to hear your Angel/Moon Experiences!


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