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High Vibe Goddess Circle Events

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4:00 p (Los Angeles)
7:00 p (New York)
24:00 (Midnight London)
CLICK LINK to find your local time

Calling all Goddesses, Mermaids, Cosmic Sisters, Lovely Ladies! We invite you to join us for the FIRST MOON OF AUTUMN (SPRING below the Equator!)

In this time of shifting changes, it is important than ever to gather together, share sacred space, refresh at the well of Sisterhood, encourage one another to hold their Light and send blessings to all!

Full Moon is about Surrendering! We will be releasing things that no longer serve!!!

In this powerful ceremony you will:

• CREATE your goals for this new moon cycle!

• ACTIVATE the Angel Code for this Full Moon (Numerology)

• EXPERIENCE a Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Guided Meditation

• CONNECT with the Archangel of this Full Moon

• PARTICIPATE in our Water Ceremony of Creation

• RECEIVE Group Messages from Archangel Ariel

Facilitated by Author of The Angel Code Oracle 2020
KateBeloved (Beloved)

This ceremony is FREE and takes place in our Private FB Group THE HIGH VIBE GODDESS CIRCLE.

To attend you must be a member of our FB group, THE HIGH VIBE GODDESS CIRCLE.

To join click this the button



Wishing you a brilliant day and looking forward to seeing you in the High Vibe Goddess Circle
Merry Moon!
Stewardess of the High Vibe Goddess Circle




Beloved uses Divine Crystal Sound Frequencies flowing through her Vocal Harmonics, Language of Light, Transmissions from the Heart of the Divine Mother, Angelic Realm and Unseen Realms together with the Crystal Vibrations of her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Native Flute, sharing her teachings as she guides us into our Cosmic Hearts, the Seed of True Soul Love.

Through connection to her primary guide, Archangel Ariel, Beloved shares Angel Codes, Angel Mudra and Angel Mantra (Affirmation) to align your field with these powerful Cosmic Energies.

As we surrender to Beloved’s invitation to trust, we open and find our voice coming from that secret place in our own self, as we allow this Sacred Alchemy to occur in the sparkling jewel of our Cosmic Heart… Radiating the essence of our being, we become the true instruments of Peace, Joy, and Divine Love.

Beloved's Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls . . .

Darling Heart, all my Awakening The Cosmic Heart Concerts, Meditations and Retreats feature the powerful essence and sound technology of my Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. I love telling people “These living bowls are awesome awakeners and Master Teachers. They seem to know exactly what is needed in the moment. Each attunement and musical piece is different ~ I never know what to expect. I just feel so very blessed to hold space for these amazing beings! I don’t know where the bowls stop and I begin. We are so much a part of one another!”

The hauntingly beautiful sounds of these amazing Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls combine the healing properties of each Gemstone with the consciousness shift into the new form of a Singing Bowl. These beautiful Alchemy Gemstone bowls bring amazing vibrations and sound frequencies.

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