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Purchasing a Crystal Singing Bowl From Beloved


I have been working with these amazing GEMSTONE ALCHEMY CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS for nearly ten years and my life shifted in many unexpected, deliciously profound ways since beginning this high resonance sound journey!


As a Sacred Sound Alchemist, Crystal Tones Bowl Master and stewardess of AngelSong Sound Temple, one of my greatest joys is introducing others to the magical playground of high dimensional crystal sound frequencies!

Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls are powerful sonic instruments producing harmonic vibrations that resonate the fluids in our bodies, bloodstream, organs and bone structure. This results in the return of body, mind and spirit to a more balanced, natural flow of energy.


Individually created, each Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowl has its own unique qualities and sound frequencies which reveals itself only after it's creation is complete.


When one relaxes and absorbs these sound frequencies, the results are beautiful, transformational, and oh, so much more.

Darling Heart I am available to intuitively connect with The Divine Crystal Grid, Divine Crystal Sound Current and YOU to assist you in finding your perfect Crystal Bowls! Remember, Dear One, these powerful bowls are LIVING BEINGS with their own beautiful energies and intentions so together we will engage your perfect match!












If you would like to talk about bringing Crystal Bowl Beings into your life please contact me:

 407-718-1087 US Mobile or by E-mail

 *International Inquiries please e-mail or Messenger


And, when you receive YOUR Crystal Bowl Friend, I work with you to ACTIVATE your bowl aligning your energies and intentions with the energies and intentions of your new crystal friend.

Remember, Dear One, these powerful bowls are LIVING BEINGS with their own beautiful energies and intentions! If you are purchasing more than one bowl from me or already have crystal bowls that your new bowl will be joining, I activate and align the energies of your whole Crystal Family! 

Beloved's Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls . . .

Darling Heart, all my Awakening The Cosmic Heart Concerts, Meditations and Retreats feature the powerful essence and sound technology of my Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. I love telling people “These living bowls are awesome awakeners and Master Teachers. They seem to know exactly what is needed in the moment. Each attunement and musical piece is different ~ I never know what to expect. I just feel so very blessed to hold space for these amazing beings! I don’t know where the bowls stop and I begin. We are so much a part of one another!”

The hauntingly beautiful sounds of these amazing Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls combine the healing properties of each Gemstone with the consciousness shift into the new form of a Singing Bowl. These beautiful Alchemy Gemstone bowls bring amazing vibrations and sound frequencies.

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