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Capricorn New Moon Manifesting Journal!

Blessings Love

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Are you not quite sure how to use the moon cycles and what to do at New Moon? Would you like a bit of help understanding Moon Manifesting? Or do you need help clarifying your heart's desire? Are you wondering which house (area of your life) is most beneficial for you to focus on? And how do you manifest your dream?

Partnering with my primary guide and teacher, Archangel Ariel the angel of prosperity, abundance, nature, intuition and a bit of magic, ​I offer ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY MANIFESTING COACHING! 

Ariel and I have been working together for more than 25 years sharing our teachings through retreats, coaching, classes and our books Ariel's Journey
30 Days To Prosperity and Abundance; An Angelic Guide to Joyful LivingThe Angel Code Oracle 2020 and The Angel Code Oracle 2021


I would Iove to help you really understand ANGEL MOON MANIFESTING and how to use the core principles in our ANGEL MOON ALCHEMY MANIFESTING TEACHINGS so you can create your most deliciously joyful and abundant life!


Looking forward to partnering with you! Let's connect! Sending you so much love and abundant angel moon alchemy manifesting blessings! Here. CATCH!                   

USD 85

First-Time Moon Coaching Special Rate USD 45

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