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Welcome to Angel Moon Alchemy 

Dear Heart, do you feel the call of the angels and the magic of the moon? Let’s embark on a journey together to manifest your most delicious life!


Do you know the secrets the new moon holds?

  • Discover which areas of your life are being illuminated and supported.

  • Learn the best actions to take during this powerful time.

I am thrilled to partner with you on this magical adventure!

🌙✨New Moon Manifesting Journal! 

Introducing the Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting Journal for the New Moon!
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Now Only: $7.00 USD
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In our teachings, I collaborate with my guide, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity and abundance. Together, we unveil the mysteries of the moon phases and the specific areas of your life they activate—what we call Moon Codes. Each new moon is also blessed with a special Angel Code and an Overlighting Angel, helping you plant and nurture your dream seeds throughout the lunar cycle.

In this journal, you will learn:

  • The Angel Code and the guiding Archangel for this New Moon

  • Affirmations and Moon Codes tailored for your journey

  • Insights into which aspects of your life are being highlighted

  • Journal prompts to guide your intentions and actions



Let’s create magic together. Download your Angel Moon Alchemy Manifesting Journal now and start manifesting your dreams with the power of the new moon and the guidance of the angels!

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To download your journal now!

Sending you so much love and abundant angel moon alchemy manifesting blessings for a magical New Moon! Here...CATCH!

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Awaken Your Soul... Transform Your Life!   Awaken Your Soul...Transform the World!

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