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Activating Angel Code 11 The Gateway to the Galaxies

Week of February 22 - 28 Blessings Loves, This last week of February opens with the Overlighting Angel Code 11 and ends with our brilliant Virgo Full Moon activating the energetic signature of Angel Code 7/8!


ACTIVATION: ANGEL CODE 11 Activates your expansion of consciousness to travel beyond time and space.

This Angel Code invites you to expand your consciousness, surrender limitations, and journey beyond time and space. Angels are inviting you to understand that clocks are an agreement made by society to keep things running smoothly in the everyday.

Angels are inviting you to play with time and space. Stay fully present in the moment... in that place of no time and no space.

Stay in the knowing that there is no time nor space beyond the present.


And so, Dear One, here we have the activation of the code 11 the Galactic Gateway. Dear One, you are a limitless being. Your natural state of being knows no boundaries… Knows no clocks… No shoulds…No color within the lines.

There is limitless freedom as you allow yourself to experience your Galactic Self! Sing…Dance… Drum…Jump timelines!

As was written in an Earth song “We are Stardust” and so you are.


I AM limitless. I am Stardust. When I am in the Now, I enjoy magical moments! I AM limitless.

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Abundant Angel Moon Blessings

KateBeloved (Beloved)

The Angel Code Oracle

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