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Do you know New Moon and Full Moon are not separate events? They are points on an ever-repeating cycle of birth-surrender-rebirth! 

Would you like help understanding Moon Manifesting? Or creating your dream in the house (area of your life) where you are receiving Lay Luna's support during this New Moon?

I would love to help you understand the way they work together as a cycle for MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS!

Together with my primary guide and teacher, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity and abundance, I offer coaching sessions to help you understand Angel Moon Manifesting and how to attune, align and integrate the energies of New Moon. In these sessions, I help you understand what part of your life is being activated and clarify where you are receiving support, how to plant your dream seed, set your goal and create your affirmation for this lunar cycle.  

YesI I would absolutely LOVE to partner with you to create your most joyful, deliciously abundant life. I offer personal sessions by phone, messenger or zoom!

$55 USD

To Book Your Session Please Email
** Book New & Full Moon Coaching in Same Lunar Cycle and SAVE!!
JUST $85 USD for both

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