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Transform Your Life as You Increase Love, Joy, Vibrant Health and Material Wealth!

Yoo-Hoo! Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Congratulations! Beautiful! You are a MEMBER of

Manifesting Your Dreams Sisterhood 2021!!

Gorgeous Goddess, I'm so thrilled you are joining us on this 12-Month Journey!

Your 2 bonuses,
30 Days to A Heart-Centered Daily Practice
30 Days to Prosperity and Abundance
will be released 2021!


Next Step: Set up our communication path by Joining Our E-Mail List!

I'll be e-mailing details, dates, and access to our Private On-Line Group

so please make sure is whitelisted! 


While you're waiting for us to begin, take another look at all the yummy things we'll be doing together this year!

Until we "officially" meet in the Sisterhood...

Sending You Much Love and Abundant Angel Blessings!... Here...CATCH!

Manifesting Your Dreams Sisterhood 2021

Awesome Coaching 

Group Coaching Sessions. The purpose is to receive guidance and support. There is a group coaching session each week! Including New Moon Dream Session and Full Moon Group Coaching.

Goddess Gathering 

Woman jumpingonbeach2.jpeg

Monthly Goddess Gathering. The purpose is to build relationships with amazing women just like you! We get together every month just to enjoy one another’s company. 


Angel Moon Manifesting

New and Full Moon Masterclasses. New Moon is the time to dream, vision and create goals. Full Moon is the time to complete, surrender and release. The purpose of these masterclasses is to present the Moon Teachings so you understand the energies of the cycle and how you can use that in your Moon  Manifesting! 

This class includes Message from Archangel Ariel, the Codes for the Moon (Angel Codes, Lady Luna’s Astro Energies, Archangel, and the Area of Your Life receiving support during this moon)​

New Moon Dream Session. The purpose is to help you clarify your dreams and set your goals for this lunar cycle. Includes Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation, Journaling and Group Coaching to Clarify Your Goals for the lunar cycle.​ 

Full Moon Group Coaching. The purpose is to review the goals set at New Moon. Includes Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath and Meditation, Journaling and Group Coaching to review, revise and keep you on track to achieve your goals.​

 New Moon Ceremonies

New Moon Ceremonies. The purpose is to set your goals for the lunar cycle. In this ceremony we activate the Angel Codes for this moon, align with Lady Luna’s Astro Energies and call-in the Archangel of the moon to partner with us as we set our goal. Includes Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath and Meditation, Water Ceremony, Journaling and Messages from Archangel Ariel. 


Vision Board


Vision Board PlayshopsThe purpose is to create a powerful visual for your dreams!  We do this for every new season. Includes Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl SoundBath and Meditation.

*I call the PLAYSHOPS 'cause who wants to work?

_Zoom BackgroundNEWMoon (1).png

 Full Moon Ceremonies

Full Moon Ceremony. The purpose is to complete, surrender and release! In this ceremony we activate the Angel Codes for this moon, align with Lady Luna’s Astro Energies and call-in the Archangel of the moon to partner with us as we surrender. Includes Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath and Meditation, Fire Ceremony, Journaling and Messages from Archangel Ariel.

Art Fun

Meet Your Angel Playshop


Meet Your Angel Playshop The purpose is for you to meet your angel. In this workshop, you’ll be given the opportunity to meet your angel in a variety of ways.  Includes Gemstone Alchem  Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath, Guided Journey and Journaling.

*I call them PLAYSHOPS  " cause who wants to wiork?

Here's a Review of All the Goodies You'll Enjoy this Year!

The Benefits

So what can YOU expect when you play with us in the Manifesdting Your Dreams Sisterhood 2021?

 You Will:


  •  Learn How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Make Your Manifesting More Powerful 

  • Have An Opportunity to Establish or Re-Establish a Heart-Centered Daily Practice That Will Activate Your Intuitive Guidance and Be a Source of Joy for the Rest of Your Life

  • Use Powerful Tools to Identify and Release Barriers, Blocks and Energies that Keep You From Creating Your Most Fabulously Abundant Life

  • Create A Connection to An Amazing Group of Women. Who knows. You might have even et your new BFF!

What's Included
  • LIVE New Moon Ceremony Each Month

  • LIVE Full Moon Ceremony Each Month

  • LIVE New Moon Masterclass Each Month


  • LIVE Full Moon Masterclass Each Month

  • Four LIVE Group Coaching Sessions 
    Each Month 

  • Private Group on Workplace 

Become a Founding Member of the Manifesting Your Dreams Sisterhood 2021


  • 4 LIVE Vision Board Workshops 

  • LIVE Meet Your Angel Workshop

$1763 Value

I am thrilled to be your partner on this magical Manifesting Your Dreams Sisterhood 2021 adventure. I help women like you who know they’re meant to live a gloriously abundant life, connect deeply to their SoulHeart, clarify their dreams, identify and release barriers, and design an easy-to-follow plan so they can create the most delicious life of Infinite Joy, Blissful Love, Vibrant Health and Material Wealth!



Angel Code Oracle, Author, 

Transformation Partner

Blessings Darling Heart,

I wanted time, time to just be, so I closed my clinical hypnotherapy practice and gave up my private yoga students. My children were grown with beautiful families of their own and so for the first time since college, I took the opportunity to feel into what I wanted my life to be. What yumminess would I create now that I was no longer a “we”?


And I discovered many fabulous things! I could do radio shows by myself! So I hosted a call-in talk show for a couple of years. And I hosted two television shows. I became a painter. Together, with my angelic guide ArchangelAriel, authored several books including 30 Days to Abundance & Prosperity; An Angelic Guide to Joyful Living, The Angel Code Oracle 2020 and The Angel Code Oracle 2021; A 12-Month Angel Moon Manifesting Journey, Journal and Planner. .


I enjoy beautiful romances, split my time living in two fabulous places and began touring as a musician and workshop/retreat facilitator.  Soon I began traveling the world! And my latest discovery? I love singing rock 'n' roll so I do a couple of open mics a week! 


I love sharing what I've experienced, what I’ve learned... to partner with you... assisting you to live the most abundant life you can imagine! After all Dear One, that's why you chose to incarnate into your beautiful Earth body... so you can experience all the things you can only experience when you are Spirit manifesting itself into Matter!!


Yes, Darling One, I've been blessed beyond measure and my Joy and my Passion is helping you make your life the most glorious you can imagine!

Sweet One, my journey this lifetime has been absolutely delicious.  Even as my whole life shifted fourteen years ago when my husband went through illness and left planet. Not only were we a couple, we worked together co-teaching at the university and co-hosting radio talk shows.  And then, he was gone.

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