Rising Signs and Their Houses 

ARIES Create In Your 5th House

Where are you creating romance in your life? Ah yes. Lady Leo is all about setting the stage. Have you set the stage for romance? If you are seeking a partner, have you made room in your life? Made room in your closet? If you are in a relationship, have you made romance a priority? Do you treat your partner as your desired mate… or more like the errand runner…handyman… taxi driver? Remember Darling Heart, set the stage. Whether you are single or not, during this New Moon, look at your bedchamber with fresh eyes… the eyes of the Lioness Goddess. Do you see romance? Or tv? A beautiful bed beckoning you to come play? Or a bed filled with so many pillows there’s hardly room for two? Now make some changes. TV? If you cannot remove it, place a fabric over it. Too many pillows crowding the bed? Remove them. Begin turning your bedchamber into a Romantic Hideaway!

TAURUS Create In Your 4th House

Where are you "at home"? Who is your family? Lady Leo cares for her family, her pride. Family is sometimes blood and sometimes not. Perhaps you’d like to create a new ritual. Arrange a chat time with a friend or family member and schedule a virtual video chat. Make a cup of tea, find a comfy place to sit, turn off ALL notifications and place your video call. Give this chat your undivided attention! Remember, Sweet One, creating home and family takes nurturing… just ask any Lioness!

GEMINI Create In Your 3rd House

How do you communicate? How do you express yourSelf? Lady Leo loves a stage. She is playful and loves beauty. Perhaps it’s time for you to play with your Self-Expression. Is there something you’ve yearned to do but haven’t yet tried? Perhaps writing… singing… dancing...painting… acting. This Leo New Moon is the perfect time to express your Lioness in a new way! Go to that art class, sing at an open-mic, go dancing, buy a new journal and write that poem or short story that’s been hanging out in your heart. Go ahead, Goddess. You got this!

CANCER Create In Your 2nd House

What do you value? How do you value yourSelf? Ruled by the Sun, the Lioness loves to shine! Do you value your own Light? Do you Shine Bright or hide your light under a bushel? Time to share your Sunny Side! Put your phone away and engage! Greet people with a bright smile and kind word. Yes. Even peeps you don’t know… walking down the street… standing in line! You’ll never know how your Lioness Light affects others.

LEO Create In Your 1st House

Do You Love the YOU the World Sees? What would you like to change? Darling Heart, the Lioness exudes Royal Grace! The benevolent lioness is a true humanitarian. Perhaps it’s time to volunteer your gifts and talents. Share them with no thought of payment. Or do random acts of kindness. Perhaps anonymously gift a massage session or spa treatment to a woman who serves her community. Or purchase the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks. Show the world your benevolent Queen.

VIRGO Create In Your 12th House

Would you like to connect more deeply with your angels and unseen helpers? Although as Queen of the Jungle in 2019 sometimes you might feel like you’re doing e v e r y t h I n g… Wouldn’t it be fun to have playmates in the other realms who want nothing more than to help you! Remember, you have angels who want to share your life and offer guidance but you must ASK! Each morning say "Good Morning Angels. I'm open to receiving and guidance you have for me today. Thank you." Easy as that! Or, if you need proof they're there for you begin asking your angels for parking places. See what happens... One less thing on your plate!

LIBRA Create In Your 11th House

Are you thinking about stepping out... finding new groups...socializing in new ways?  Lady Leo loves to socialize. Check out the meet-ups in your area, find something that aligns with your interests, put on your very best shining smile and G O! Do you love music? Check out your local jazz scene or open mics where there’s usually more socializing than just listening. Is Art your scene? Check your local art openings. There will be plenty of folks socializing and talking art. And, Darling Heart. Don’t stand on old outdated rituals of waiting to be spoken to before you speak. Start the conversation. Remember you are a shining Lioness!

SCORPIO Create In Your 10th House

Are you yearning to uplevel your career? Luna supports your Lioness as you show what you can do! Find a networking event, revise your resume or chat with someone who can be helpful to your goals. How about offering a program on your expertise? Many libraries have meeting rooms and are open to new speakers. Another place to present is service clubs like Kiwanis, Rotary etc.

SAGITTARIUS Create In Your 9th House

Do you dream of travel... of taking classes... of taking a spiritual retreat? Go ahead. You can begin with something small. Find a class on line that fits your Lioness interests and sign up! Is there a travel club nearby? Interested in art? Museums often sponsor trips and have delicious teachings in preparation.

CAPRICORN Create In Your 8th House

How do you share with others... money... time…relationships...sex? The Lioness is Queen of the Jungle… a benevolent gracious and loving Queen not a power-hungry controlling b**ch. While Lady Luna is shining her light take a look at where you are shining yours. Pick one area of your life and reach out to someone. Share your time and undivided attention. Enjoy a lunch with a friend or office mate and leave your phone at home! End the day offering your lover undivided attention, no phone, no finishing up e-mail, no tv. Perhaps sharing meditation or an unhurried bath or shower together. Just the two of you enjoying one another.

AQUARIUS Create In Your 7th House

Looking for new partners... romance, biz? Put your lioness goddess out there. What are your interests? Look for meet-ups and clubs that align with you so you’ll have a great time enjoying new experiences. And, Dear Heart, leave that “I’m looking for Mr./ Miss Right” sign at home! Just go and have fun meeting new people who share your interests! Looking for new biz partners? Networking events and Toastmasters are great places to start! Whatever you choose to do put your lioness self out there. You’ll never find new partners staying in your den!

PISCES Create In Your 6th House


Have you been wanting to create a daily practice or uplevel your health? Leo is ruled by the shining Sun so this new moon is the perfect time to create a more vibrant you! Perhaps making a nutritional change to enhance your lioness glow! Why not invite someone to partner with you so you can enjoy making the change together? Perhaps a walking partner? Start small. Just begin say “Beginning on Leo New Moon I’m going to drink 8 glasses of water, or eat no added sugar or eat 5 veggies a day or meditate for 10 minutes a day (or whatever you are going to do) until the next New Moon”.

Bright Luna Blessings


© Kate Beloved Levensohn