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The Angel Code Oracle 2020

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A 12-Month Angel Journey to Activate Your Infinite Heart

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About this Book

The Angel Code Oracle 2020; is a powerful 12-month angel journey to activate your Infinite Heart and manifest your dreams!

Through our unique combination of Angel Codes (Numerology), Angel Messages, Luna's Astro Energies (Lunar Astrology) and New and Full Moon Journaling and Ceremony, we have given you a roadmap for manifesting a year of Vibrant Health, Blissful Love and Material Wealth! And, Darling Heart, it's the latest teachings I have received from my primary guide Archangel Ariel. 

KateBeloved is the quintessential mystic. She is both ethereal and centered. An author and musician with a special relationship with the angelic realm, she channels guidance and communes with galactic beings, angels, faeries and dolphins. A crystal bowl master she can bring you to tears with the haunting sounds and vibration that emanates from beneath her fingers, touching your soul. As a participant in her classes, retreats or personal consultation, you are treated to a space of joy, non-judgment, acceptance, playfulness and compassion.
If you are fortunate enough to meet and spend time with Beloved it will be one of the more memorable and sacred experiences of your life.
Fern Lefkowitz
Client, Retreat Participant

What People Say About Beloved

Spirit brought Beloved into my life almost ten years ago. At our first meeting, she guided me on my spiritual journey by gently offering insight into what I was experiencing with auras. As time went on I was touched by the teachings of Ariel and my spiritual horizon was forever changed. I no longer looked at the realm as 3 dimensional.


Beloved has blessed my journey in so many ways, guided me with card readings, helped me meet my spirit guide, and is constantly teaching me about the Angels. Her gifts are many and her love is Vast.  I thank the Goddess every day for gifting Beloved to me….


Maggi Moore


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