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Monday, August 22 - Sunday, August 28

Angel Codes - Archangel Ariel's Message - Sun - Moon


Blessings Darling Heart,


Do you know how to work with angels and the moons to manifest your dreams? Did you even know that Cosmic Energies including the Moon Cycles play a BIG part in successful manifesting?

Yes, Darling Heart. that's why I include Moon Codes, Lady Luna's Astro Codes and Angel Codes as part of my ANGEL CODE ALCHEMY MANIFESTING TEACHINGS!

KEEP READING for this week's Angel Codes, Archangel Ariel's Message, Sun, & Moon!

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This Week. . .

¸¸.•*¨*•☆ Here is your Angel Moon Inspiration & Guidance *¨*•☆
 Angel Codes, Moon Codes, Cosmic Shifts & Angel Messages 

for the Week of August 22, 2022.  


What Are Angel Codes?

Overlighting Angel Code of the Week  

Archangel Ariel's Message
Code Activation Affirmation /How to Activate the Code

Mercury moves into its shadow



The Sun moves into Virgo

New Moon Portal Of Creation Opens

Balsamic  Phase/ New Moon / Waxing Crescent Phase

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Cosmic Shifts and Changes
Are Afoot!

This week we have 2 BIG shifts in Cosmic energy! And both beginning MONDAY!!
#1 Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Several times each year the planet Mercury turns retrograde. (Next Mercury Retrograde is September 9 - October 2) Before and after his actual retrograde he is in the "shadow". Right now Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde and is in his shadow!  

Mercury is the planet ruling communication, learning, and ideas.


#2 Virgo Season Begins. Our Sun, the Sacred Masculine energy, moves from fixed, steady, dependable, determined Sun-ruled Leo into mutable, changeable, adaptable, flexible Mercury-ruled Virgo.


Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo. So there is an amplification of these energies. 



What Are Angel Codes?

Angel Codes are the teachings I received in 2019 from my primary guide, Archangel Ariel, the angel of prosperity, abundance and nature.

Based on the vibrational resonance of 13, each code 0-12 is a gateway into higher frequencies, realms, and dimensions. Weaving together angel wisdom, lunar astrology, numeric vibration, lunar cycles, and cosmic energies, the Angel Code Teachings create new tapestries of understandings; tapestries aligning with new energetic imprints infusing spirit into matter.

The purpose of the Angel Code Teachings is to bring in Cosmic Divine Oneness, to activate your SoulHeart, to assist in the unification of Spirit into matter and to ease your way as you navigate your Earth Journey.

Each code is a manifestation code.

Remember, Dear Heart, you are a Divine Spiritual Being experiencing life in physical form. As you ATTUNE, ALIGN and INTEGRATE your Divine Cosmic Energy with your Earth Energy you create a more deliciously abundant life of ease and grace.


Overlighting Angel Code for the Week!


The Overlighting Angel Code for the week is 



Activates your connection to the Collective Consciousness

Archangel Ariel's Message
Angel Code 7


Dear One, we invite you to awaken to the knowledge that All Are One. There is a collective … no separation. Beautiful One, remember you are part of the Whole.  What you do, what you say, and what you think affects the Whole of Life… not just beings who breathe but the mountains, seas, waters, weather. All are a reflection of the energetic signature sent forth


Do you believe the words you speak are just words? Or do you understand the power they hold? You are a powerful creator! Once you breathe life into your words by speaking them aloud you have set a powerful invocation. You have released the energetic signature of those words into the universe. And the energy will build as it gathers more energy that is in vibrational coherence with its energetic signatures.


 Dear One, by the words you speak you can create Peace, Love, Kindness and Happiness in the collective or you can create War, Destruction, Disease and Divisiveness. What you create affects the whole of humanity. Keep your thoughts uplifted. Treat others with respect. Care for your planet.  Understand All Are One and YOU affect the Whole! Now that you hold this understanding, we know you will create from your Divine SoulHeart.

Angel Code Mantra Affirmation 
for the Week!


This week's Angel Code Mantra Affirmation for 


 I AM part of the Divine Collective.
I choose thoughts, words and actions
that bring love, peace and kindness
into the world.

Here's How We Activate the Code!

Darling Heart, we activate the Angel Codes using TWO powerful tools that, like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, you have always had access to… Your BREATH and your VOICE!


 To activate this week's ANGEL CODE 7 and open the GATEWAY TO THE DIVINE COLLECTIVE follow these simple steps.
You will need a mirror.


Look into the mirror and begin taking long, slow, deep breaths all the way down into your belly.


As you breathe, bring your awareness into your SoulHeart.


Feel your beautiful SoulHeart expanding. Feel the shift. Do you feel warm? Or cool? Do you feel the vibration? See color?


Now bring your awareness back to your breath and take 3 long slow deep breaths. 

On the third out-breath, repeat or tone the Angel Activation Mantra 

out loud. 


 I AM part of the Divine Collective.

I choose thoughts, words and actions

that bring love, peace and kindness

into the world.

 Repeat 3 times.

Repeat this throughout the week! For even deeper alignment, repeat in the evenings. 

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Virgo Season Begins
Monday, August 22


VIRGO SEASON begins Monday, as our Sun (Sol) the Sacred Masculine Energy moves into VIRGO.

VIRGO element is EARTH (like sand) 
and its expression is MUTABLE which means it is changeable, flexible, and adaptable. 


VIRGO is RULED BY MERCURY, the planet of communication, ideas and learning.
LEO KEYWORDS are “I analyze”  

LEO is the 6th sign of the zodiac. and its natural placement in the zodiac is the 5th house - RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS: Daily routine, Health, Daily Practice, Routine at Work 

The ANGEL for VIRGO is ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, angel of the strength and courage