My Art

In late 2008 my guide, Archangel Ariel, invited me to begin creating Soul Art and Soul Portraits.


Each piece is a powerful energetic tool to assist you in awakening and attuning to the ever-changing planetary frequencies. I sign my pieces ASK for my tantric name Ad Sach Kaur ~ True from the Beginning, Lioness of of the Divine

I create each piece intuitively. I have no idea what the canvas will be. When the painting is complete, I am given a title and a message from the Angelic Realm. If you are drawn to a particular piece it is because you need that attunement. 

Attunements for the Collective Consciousness​

Soul Art


Soul Portraits (Commission Work)

Imagine having a piece of art that has been personally created to capture the Essence of Your Soul...

Dear One, my Soul Portraits are energetic tools for you to connect to your pure soul essence and for couples to attune to the energies and soul essence of their union. Each canvas is a combination of photograph and paint.

I create these unique portraits by connecting with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and your Guides and Teachers to ask for Divine Guidance. As I work each canvas "develops" much like a photograph develops in the darkroom. Each layer is infused with your Soul Essence. When your Soul Portrait is complete, I am given your Soul Message. Created through Divine Guidance, your Soul Portrait and Soul Message becomes a powerful tool to attune you to your Soul Essence. Each Soul Portrait comes accompanied by the personal Soul Message I receive for you.


Delightful HeartArt© Mini-Series

Each H e a r t   B o x  is a magical treasure chest of the Heart sprinkled with Faerie Star Dust…Small boxes to place your dreams, joy, love for safe keeping. Each box has been blessed by Angels and sprinkled with magical Faerie Star Dust. Open the box and speak your DREAMS…express your JOY…speak your LOVE...Count your BLESSINGS! Whenever you need a bit of Joy or Love…or when the world has become so cluttered your dreams seem far away, just take a moment…open your HeartBox, come into your own HEART and take a deep breath as you re-ignite your joy…your Love…your Dreams.

Each AltarArt is a unique one-of-a-kind canvas created with blessings from the Angelic  Realm. My AltarArt Mandalas hold energetic vibrations for a particular purpose  ("Abundance", "Unifying Heaven and Earth",  "Release", "Rebirth and Renewal", "Divine Union Male Female",  "Becoming Present In Your Body") 

 All AltarArt comes with its own easel making it a perfect addition to any altar. Works great on a tabletop or window sill, too. Wherever these AltarArt pieces sit, they offer their Blessings from the Angels!


© 2013 Kate Levensohn 

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